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W.A.V.E. Water a Vital Element.Our project wants to make our students aware of the relevance of water for human beings. The students will reflect how they deal with water, which will be the socio-scientific focus. Additionally they will examine the ecosystem water from a scientific point of view by doing research in their environment under an economic and industrial perspective. Afterwards the countries will compare their results to point out the similarities and differences. We also will deal with the research of limnic and marine ecosystems, biological water treatment in rivers, streams, lakes, and mudflats, and methods of renaturalisation. Furthermore, we will deal with the sustainable use of water in each country, personal use, fresh- and saltwater treatment, water control and quality, and finally the importance for industry, economy, shipping and agriculture. The result will be presented visually and water analyses will be performed. Moreover, visits of sewage treatment plants, water plants and similar institutions will be organised.


Project Visit Datteln 2009


Project Visit Caltanissetta

This a photo of the meeting in Caltanissetta
(14th-18th March 2010) if you want to see more click MEMORIES

Project visit Yozgat 2010

25/09-01/10 2010
  Project Visit Spain 20th-25th February 2011
 Project Visit Germany 09-15 April 2011