THE BEST LOGO was two stage competition

ž * The first stage was held at schools in Spain, Turkey and Poland

ž * The second stage was organized by Poland 

The first stage

  • ž Schools in Spain, Turkey and Poland announced a contest for the best logo on 15th November 2012
  • ž The deadline for the projects was 6th December 2012
  • ž The technique of the project was free to choose
  • ž The project had to contain symbols related to Catalonia, Turkey and Poland
  • ž The best three projects from each school were chosen by students at school or by jury in which both teachers and students were represented
  • ž The best projects were sent to Poland in JPG files till 15th December

The second stage

  • ž Was organized by Poland
  • ž The best projects from Poland and Turkey were sent to Catalonia, those from Catalonia and Poland were sent to Turkey
  • ž The projects from Catalonia, Turkey and Poland were shown at school exhibitions
  • ž A professional jury was created in all three schools. In the jury there were an Art teacher, one teacher responsible for the Comenius project, two students, a headteacher and two parents. Each of them had one vote only. One country could vote only on the projects of other countries.
  • ž The votes were counted in Poland
  • ž The best project gained 5 votes, it was the logo from Poland
  • ž The second place went to Turkey with 4 votes
  • ž The third place belongs to Catalonia with 3 votes
  • ž Final results were announced on 21st December 2012

The first place

 Project number 7 - Poland

   The second place 
 Project number 3 - Turkey

 The third place
Project number 5 - Catalonia

Congratulations to all the participants!!! :)