On Tuesday, we met our Polish and Catalan partners at the airport in İstanbul. We picked them up and took them to their hotels in İzmit after a three-hour journey. Then we left them there to have a rest.


On Wednesday morning, we picked up our guests from their hotels and took them to our school, that takes place in Kandıra 40 kms away from İzmit, for Project work. During the journey they enjoyed the green forests along the road. Our school staff welcomed our partners very kindly. 


After meeting with our staff, they gave their nice gifts they brought for us. They walked through our school and met our students. Our students showed their deep love by asking for their signatures. 


Then, we started to do our Project study. Until the lunch break, we talked about the titles we had defined before. We presented the booklets, brochures and CDs about Kandıra and Kocaeli to our guests. 


After the meeting, we had lunch together in our staff room. The lunch was including traditional Turkish food and it was prepared for us beforehand by our school staff . Our guests enjoyed the food like “su böreği, çiğ köfte, sarma, tulumba tatlısı”. After the lunch, we left the school for our city trip in İzmit. In İzmit, firstly we walked through the city center and our guests bought some traditional Turkish products like halva and carpet. 



Later, we had a walk in Sekapark where was donated with nice tulips. Because of the cold weather, it was a short walk. We had a coffee break at a nice cafe near seaside. We chose a restaurant in th park named Antik Pub. The dinner that we had together  made us feel relaxed. After the dinner, we took our guests to their hotels to let them have a rest.


On Thursday, at nine o’clock in the morning we picked up our guests from their hotels and came to our school for more Project work. Our Project work continued till noon. After a coffee break, we left our school for a trip in Kandıra and seeing the seashores of Kandıra. After buying postcards and stamps from the post office, our guests had a city tour in Kandıra and visited Orhan Mosque. Then going through nice green forests, we went to Seyrek, Sarısu and Kerpe. We walked along the beach of Kerpe and saw the fantastic rocks there. The coffee break near the seaside was really good for all of us. After the coffee break that made us feel relaxed, we returned to our school for the testimonial dinner which was prepared by our teachers including different traditional Turkish food. The Turkish dances which we performed together with our guests were great fun. Finally we gave some gifts to our guests. After the farewell session between our guests and our staff, we took our partners to their hotel




On Friday morning, we went to İstanbul by the bus provided us by the Municipality of Kandıra. In İstanbul, first we left our luggages to the hotel and then we visited the historical places like Topkapı Palace, The Blue Mosque, The Basilica Cistern and The Grand Bazaar. We had dinner at a traditional Turkish restaurant. At night we went to Taksim to have coffee.



On Saturday morning, we met in front of the hotel to say goodbye to our partners. We thanked our friendly partners sincerely for these wonderful four-day-visit . We had really emotional minutes there. We hugged each other and said them good bye until meeting in Poland in September.