The third Comenius meeting took place in Krakow, an amazing city in southern Poland, which is known as one of the most beautiful places in the country. We were really glad that we had an opportunity to show our amazing city to the Comenius partners!

Everything started on Tuesday 24th September when our Catalan and Turkish friends arrived to Krakow. Although it was quite rainy and cold outside, our first meeting in a traditional Polish restaurant called Kompania Kuflowa was as warm as the summer:)

The first day of the session (25th September)

Wednesday was a really busy day for all of us. In the morning we met at school warmly welcomed by the headmistress Bożena Cabaj-Miciak and two lovely girls disguised in a traditional outfit from Krakow. At first we decided to visit the classes from the primary up to the lower secondary. All the students and teachers were fascinated by their Catalan and Turkish guests. There were numerous questions, many photos and even a song for the foreign celebrities:) 

Later the students from the sixth grade of primary school performed a play called “The legend of the Wawel dragon". After the play we started our first working session concerning the tasks planned in the project for the following months. In the afternoon the headmistress invited all of us for a traditional Polish lunch in the school canteen.

In the afternoon the 6th grade students took all of us for a guided tour in the old town of Krakow. Everyone was impressed by the beauty of the monuments as well as skillfulness of the young guides.

In the evening we had a traditional Polish dinner with a scent of modern ideas of the chef of the restaurant “Morela”. Although the day was tiring, we all had
a great time

The second day of the session (26th September)

We met again on Thursday morning at school. At first we discussed further issues such as the calendar, e-tools and the date of the next meeting in Poland. Later the pupils from the third grade showed us a pantomime called “The legend about St. Mary’s trumpet call”. We also had a very special meeting with a journalist from a local newspaper who interviewed our Catalan and Turkish friends. Later all of us took part in workshops in which we could learn how to create autumn bouquets from leaves. Finally we took our guests for a short presentation of one of the school’s facilities called Bio-feedback, it’s a kind of device which helps children with attention disorders. As we could see, it was a real hit. Finally we all took part in a special lesson prepared by Monika Nastały - a teacher of English and Spanish. Thanks to it we could find out a lot about Poland and its attractions.

In the afternoon we visited one of the newest districts of Krakow called Nowa Huta. It is known  for its communistic history and fight of its citizens against the regime. Later we ate lunch in a picturesque restaurant on the roof of one of the buildings in the city centre called “The Green Terraces”.

In the evening all of us together with the Polish teachers engaged in the project and our head teachers gathered together on a farewell dinner in a lovely little restaurant called “A carrot and peas”. This last meeting  was a chance to say goodbye but it also gave us a great opportunity for long and interesting conversations.

The third day of the session (27th September)

We visited Wieliczka Salt Mine – one of the most famous tourist attractions in Poland. We could see outstanding salt sculptures created both by man and nature 135 meters under the ground. After that we visited a traditional Polish inn and tasted some regional delicacies.

In the evening we showed our guests nightlife of one of the most famous districts in Krakow called Kazimierz. Although we were all exhausted after a tiring day, we were having a great time together – especially that it was our last meeting. The next day was the day of departures. We hope that our guests had as much fun as we did during their stay!!! See you again in Krakow in February:)


The fourth Comenius meeting brought everyone back to Krakow. Visibly all the partners liked both the city and Polish hospitality:) As Polish partners, we were really happy to have everyone at our home again. It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss all the issues which cannot be dealt via Internet.

This time our visitors brought not only their sense of humour and wonderful stories from their countries but also a piece of nature. We exchanged our typical trees and decided to plant them in our school gardens as a symbol of mutual cooperation and friendship. This time Catalan team was represented by Lluisa and Elena and Turkish partners - Derya and Emre - took four of their students for whom visiting Poland seemed to be an incredible adventure.

The first day of the session (26th February 2014)

The first day of the meeting was very busy. We met at school in the morning and started from a short conversation with the school headmistress and Polish students taking part in the project. Then Kamila, Olivia, Norbert and Arek took their Turkish guest for a short walk in the school showing them the most interesting places and the teachers started their project tasks. The Polish students were fascinated with their Turkish guests. They were able to communicate without words. All of them seemed to have a real fun together.

After the working session all of us went to a typical Polish inn for a traditional lunch. 

Later all the guests visited Oscar Schindler's museum - an Interactive presentation of Krakow and its history during II World War. This exhibition is attractive for everyone and it cannot leave anyone indifferent.

After such an active day everyone dreamed about a moment of relax in a warm hotel bed.

The second day of the session (27th February 2014)

The next day of the session started at 9.30 at school. It was a very special THURSDAY in Poland called FAT THURSDAY. This day is a real paradise for everyone who has
a sweet tooth. On this day people eat a lot of doughnuts and other sweets celebrating the last days of carnival. Especially for all our partners we organised a festive English lesson with treats, games, songs and a lot of fun. Together with 25 energetic seven-year-olds from class 1b, everyone could experience what FAT THURSDAY really is. The lesson left all of us with huge smiles and full bellies:)


Later Turkish students were taken care of by one of the Polish teachers and adults continued working on the project.

In the afternoon all of us ate lunch in a restaurant called MORELA - a well known place to the Comenius partners . After the meal the Turkish and Catalan teams visited underground Krakow in the museum in the market square.

In the evening we all met in a traditional Polish restaurant called "Polskie Jadło". It was the last meeting with our school headmistress and other teachers. We were having
a lot of fun exchanging ideas concerning our plans for the future.


The third day of the session (28th February 2014)

The third day was dedicated to visiting the sites. Lluisa and Elena decided to see Piaskowa Skała and Ojców - magical places in the area of Krakow famous for its incredible nature and rocks in any possible shape.
Derya, Emre and the kids preferred to stay in Krakow and see its unique royal castle called Wawel. They were impressed by the building as well as its interior. They also met a real knight waiting for them with his swards and armoury. The kids were incredibly happy taking pictures with him and his equipment.

In the evening everybody was sad as Friday happened to be the last day of our Polish adventure. There were tears as well as smiles. Thanks for your visit - it was a real pleasure for all of us.