October- November  in Vallbona d´Anoia , CATALONIA

The temperaturae were so high by that time. They were very regular all days. They were between 8º and 16ºC. There was a termal fluctuation of only 8ºC in 30 days.
The minimum average was 12ºC.

The maximum temperatures were quite equal in relation to the minimum. They were between 19º and 27ºC.
As well as the minimum , there was a termal fluctuation of 8ºC only in 30 days.
The maximum average was 23ºC. The temperatures were so warm by this time.

The most predominant wind during the month were between forces 0 (calm) and 2 ( light breeze). They were light and warm.

It wasn´t raining or snowing during the month.

October - November in Krakow , POLAND


The weather was typical for this time. In October was warmer than in November.
In the morning it was from _2ºC to 10ºC.
The mínimum average was 4ºC.


They were from 2ºC  to  20ºC during the day. One day it was 27ºC , the highest temperature during this period.
The maximum average was 10ºC.


The most predominant wind was between force 1 ( light air) and force 2 ( light breeze).
During 2 days we had wind of force 5 ( the 8th and 9th of November).


It was raining for 3 days . The 14th of November it was  snowing  but the snow  dissapeared in the afternoon.

October-November in Kirkarmut, TURKEY

The coldest Reading was the 18th of October with 7ºC.
The hottest Reading was the 22nd of October with 26ºC.
The most predominant wind was force 1  ( Light air).
The maximum and minimum average temperaturas during the period were 21,7ºC    and    12,2ºC .
The average temperature was 16.5 ºC.
It was raining during 5 days.


MONTH : From the 15th of October to the 15th of November.
PLACES: Vallbona d´Anoia ( Catalonia), Krakow ( Poland ) and Kirkarmut ( Turkey)

Poland is the coldest country ( average temperatura 9ºC).
In Catalonia and Turkey the weather is similar ( average temperatures 16/17ºC)
During the period the raining was very seldom. In Catalonia there was no rain , in Poland and Turkey only during 5 days.
We saw snow once in Poland durin the 15th of November.
The most predominant wind were between forces 1( light air) and 2 ( light breeze).
The weather was typical for Poland but in Catalonia it was too hot in this time of year.