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   “The modern stories about Good and Evil, Success and Failure, Fortune and Misfortune, Victory and Defeat, What´s mine and The others´s, Collective identity…find their most popular expressions on sport narrative.” MORAGAS, Miquel. “Sport and Media. Growing synergies” Telos, No.38, Madrid, June-August 1994.

“Sport has emerged in modern society as a way to interact among individuals, transmitting, at the same time, social values. Sport expresses values such as courage, success and integrity.” SNYDER, Eldon and Elmer Spreitzer. “Social aspects of Sport”. Prentice-Hall, Inc.., Englewood Cliffs. New Yersey, 1983.

These two quotes perfectly sum up the common goal of us all seven countries who are making this project entitled “Integration through sport”.

We want our students to discover and experience personally the relationship between sport and society, among culture, sport and education.

We will provide them tools which will make them think about the effects sport has both on human life and culture, while we 28 young people from different countries are sharing our lifes, all of us with the same goal: to make social values of sport get the integration of 28 youngsters who usually live seven different ways of life and culture.

We hope, of course, that this work experience helps them become people able to transmit these social values acquired through sports, to make it easier a coexistence among human beings anywhere around the world.

Ghymkana Comenius-Baeza- March 2014