In Coexistence - with nature and each other

Nowadays, in time of individualism, consumerism, global crisis, disrespect of nature and its laws, and not enough awareness of oneself and one’s role in the world, we decided to devote more time and energy to what is important.

It is important to preserve our beautiful nature and to start living in coexistence with it, just like our ancestors did. We are going to bring knowledge and skills from the past into the present. This will enable healthier and more qualitative living for us and our successors.

We find human beings living in coexistence with other townspeople, citizens, and inhabitants of the world also of great importance. A human is a social being. Without other people one individual could not and cannot live. To feel better on our planet we have to impart the value of collaboration. We will proceed from our vicinity (family, school, and local community) and then go wider to fellow inhabitants and citizens of EU. Therefore we will learn together how to live with our nature, observe it and benefit from it.