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Summary of the project

The project titled "If all the World's children connected hands..."planned by primary schools from Turkey, Catalonia, Greece, Poland, Latvia and primary/secondary school from Italy. 
“If all the world's children connected hands...” is a project that will help approximately 1336 primary school pupils in 6 different European countries.  They will share information about their countries and learn about each other’s way of living, recreation activities, educational systems, schools, towns, countries, statistics and cultures.  
Pupils and teachers will engage themselves in a variety of activities relating to various subjects of their curriculum, use foreign languages, improve their ICT skills and feel responsible not only for their part of the project but also for the whole project.


- Dobeles Kristīgā pamatskola (Latvia - coordinator)
- Primary School Arseny Pella (Greece)
- Escola Sant Mateu (Catalonia)
- Szkoła Podstawowa nr 10 im. Adama Mickiewicza    (Poland)
- Istituto Omnicomprensivo di Alanno (Italy)

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