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Cooperation with schools

The project was targeted directly at educational leaders organized into school-based professional learning communities. Members of the learning community included such staff as student information system manager, guidance/counseling director, heads of departments, lead teachers, literacy and math coaches, school administrative leaders.

The data use professional development course was designed to build the capacity of this group to use data and for them in turn to build the capacity of teachers within the school to better use their data to inform instruction. The benefits for each school taking part in the project included:
  • participation in piloting  an innovative course which  allowed the school teams to practice the process of solving school problems by following the procedure of problem defining, hypothesizing about its root causes, gathering data, their analyzing, interpreting and finally taking actions based on the findings,    
  • developing a professional school-based team proficient in data use,
  • working on most urgent issues identified by the school, 
  • sharing experiences with the international network of project schools and learning best practices.