Who are we?
The University of Twente is an entrepreneurial research university. It is the only campus University in the Netherlands and provides academic education and research in a wide variety of fields, for example from educational research to public administration and applied physics to biomedical technology.

What do we do?
The University of Twente is based on three central pillars: education, research and valorization. By valorization we mean the transfer of knowledge commercially and also the transfer of innovations to society. We strive to excel in education, research and valorization because talent attracts talent. The University of Twente is well known for its innovative educational research. The Department involved in this project is the Department of Curriculum Design & Educational Innovation (CD&EI). Researchers at this department are, among other things, specialists in the field of data-driven decision making, design research and professional development of school staff. To learn more about us visit: http://www.utwente.nl/gw/co/en/ 

Why are we involved?
One of our research areas is how to support schools in the effective use of data, such as assessment data, survey data and student background data. We are involved in projects supporting schools in the use of data, for example by supporting data teams (e.g. teams of teachers and school leaders who work together to solve educational problems by collect and analyze data, to find causes of these problems, and to solve these problems thereby improving education). We are involved in national as well as international projects on data use, and we founded and chair an international data use network: http://www.icsei.net/icsei2011/datausenetwork 

Kim Schildkamp, University of Twente

Kim Schildkamp is an experienced educational researcher. Her main research focus is on data use for school improvement, specifically in how to support schools in the use of data. One of the projects she is currently involved in, for example, focuses on supporting teams of teachers and school leaders in collaboratively using data to improve their school. She is the recipient of several awards, acknowledging the quality of her work, including a Fulbright award and an AERA mentorship award. She coordinated and completed several studies on the topic, and published several articles in peer-reviewed journals based on her research activities and spoke at several conferences, for example:

  • Schildkamp, K., Visscher, A. J., & Luyten, H. (2009). The effects of the use of a school self-evaluation instrument. School Effectiveness and School Improvement, 20(1), 69-88. 
  • Schildkamp, K., & Teddlie, C. (2008). School Performance Feedback Systems in the USA and in the Netherlands: A comparison. Educational Research and Evaluation, 14(3), 255-282. 
  • Schildkamp, K.., & Kuiper, W (2010). Data-informed curriculum reform: Which data, what purposes, and promoting and hindering factors. Teaching and Teacher Education, 26(3), 482-496.
Furthermore, she is the founder and chair of an international data use network: http://www.icsei.net/icsei2011/datausenetwork