Who are we?
Modern Didactics Center is non-profit, non-governmental organization for continuing adult education and in-service training. Modern Didactics Center was established in 1999 as inter-university Center by an initiative of Vilnius Pedagogical University and the Open Society Fund-Lithuania

What do we do?
We initiate, develop and run national and international projects, develop new programmes, courses for initial teachers education and in-service training,  deliver different training programmes, create methodical materials for schools, provide consultations and expertise on project management, teaching & learning strategies, lessons planning & assessment, school community development, etc. We also organize study visits, seminars, conferences, summer schools on different educational topics, organize research on urgent educational issues, and publish project products.  

Why are we involved?
Our main interest area and field of the work is modern teaching and learning strategies, innovative approaches in education. Datause concept is very new in Lithuanian schools, methodology is not familiar to teachers and it is real need for consciousness and purposeful collection, selection and use of the data at schools.   

Daiva Penkauskiene, Modern Didactics Center

Daiva Penkauskiene is director of Modern Didactics Center since 1999. She holds master degrees of Lithuanian language and literature ( Vilnius university, 1987) and management ( University of Management and Economics & BI Norwegian School of Management, 2010) Her work experience: Lithuanians language and literature teacher at gymnasium, scientific fellow at research institutes, educational projects coordinator at Open Society fund- Lithuania, teacher at Vilnius Pedagogical university. She works as trainer, consultant and expert for Critical thinking skills development, anticorruption education, project management, modern teaching & learning strategies, university didactics and other programmes. She is also researcher, author, co-author, editor of many educational publications.

Lina Grinyte, Modern Didactics Center

Lina Grinyte holds bachelor degree of social pedagogy (Vilnius pedagogical university, 2004) and master degree of social work ( Vilnius pedagogical university, 2006) Her professional experience and expertise:  development and implementation of national and international projects, preparation of content and financial project and programmes reports, organization and run of open tenders. She also works as trainer of project management programme, consultant and expert of project management.

Asta Matonytė, Modern Didactics Center

Asta Matonytė is project and programmes coordinators’ assistant at Modern Didactics center since 2009. She holds bachelor degree of social pedagogy (Vilnius pedagogical university, 2010) and studies public administration at Vilnius university, International relations and politics institute, as master programme. Her professional experience and expertise: national and international projects administration, development implementation and coordination of educational research (surveys), administration of projects and programmes documentation.