Who are we?  
The Institute for Information Management Bremen GmbH (ifib) is a not-for-profit research and consulting organization at the University of Bremen. ifib's main fields of work are: e-government and educational technologies; these two branches are working closely together in joint projects.

You can find out more about the Institute at www.ifib.de

What do we do & why are we involved?
Since 2003, the Institute of Information Management Bremen (ifib) is doing empirical research and formative evaluation of ICT integration in public institutions. The educational technology branch of ifib conducted several research projects on data use in schools and is currently cooperating with different State Education Ministries in Germany. ifib hosted the first international conference of data-driven decision-making in schools which was documented in an edited book.

Andreas Breiter, ifib

Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter is a full professor for information management and educational technologies at the University of Bremen. He is co-director of ifib since 2003 and principal investigator in national and international research projects on data use in schools. He has longstanding methodological expertise in empirical research in educational institutions (surveys, focus groups, observations).

Louisa Karbautzi, ifib

Louisa Karbautzki, B.Sc./M.A. is a research associate at ifib. Her main research area is media appropriation with a focus on digital media and web 2.0. She has gained experiences in empirical methods in educational contexts in several projects.

Emese Stauke, ifib

Dipl.-Inf. Emese Stauke is a research associate at ifib. She is the principal investigator in a comparative research project on data use in schools and requirements for web-based management information systems (Germany, Netherlands and Hungary).  

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