DATAUSE project chosen as a success story by European Commission

In February this year the European Commission chose the project coordinated by Public Consulting Group as a success story. The project entitled: DATAUSE – using data for improving school and student performance was honored for its impact, contribution to policy‑making, innovative results and creative approach used in the project.

The DATAUSE project was conducted under the umbrella of European Comenius Lifelong Learning programme between 2010 and 2012. Public Consulting Group coordinated the team consisting of a number of institutions, including Institut für Informations management Bremen from Germany, Modern Didactics Center from Lithuania, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust from UK and Universiteit Twente from the Netherlands. The goal of the project was to develop competencies of the school leaders to create data teams that use data for continuous improvement of school effectiveness and student outcomes.

This distinction honors our efforts to promote using data for school and students' improvement, which we regularly promote through our services.


DATAUSE project presented at the international conference - ECER 2012 - in Cadiz, Spain, September 2012

From September 17th to the 21st, 2012, Kim Schildkamp, Andreas Breiter, Louisa Karbautzki and Małgorzata Marciniak participated in the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER 2012) organized in Cadiz, Spain.

They promoted the DATAUSE program by delivering presentations on the topics which perfectly fit the leading theme of the conference  - the need for Educational Research to champion freedom, education and development for all countries.  These topics were:
• The Use of Data Across Countries: Development of a Data Use Framework
• Data Use in Schools: A Cross Country Survey Study
• EU DATAUSE project: Development of the Data Use Professional Development Course

For  more information on this event, please visit the website:

Data Use partners meeting and conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, August 2012
DATAUSE project partners met for the 5th time in Lithuania to discuss project status and plan next steps towards its finalization. Meeting was hosted by Modern Didactics Center in Vilnius, from 28th till 30th of August 2012. Apart from the project partners, the meeting brought together schools' teams involved in the project implementation. They were involved in experiences exchange and feedback sessions connected to Data Use course pilot structure, content and organization.
Additionally, there was a conference organized in Hotel "Artis", Liejyklos 11/23, Vilnius on 29th of August 2012, 10:00 am - 1:15 pm. The leading topic of the conference was: Using Data for Improving School and Student Performance – summary of the EU DATAUSE project. It was ment to provide a thorough review of the 2-years-long project implementation and to serve as a networking platform on how project serves partners' countries specific reforms. The conference program included:
1. Welcoming and Introduction to the Conference;
2. Overall project presentation;
3. Description of the partnering schools teacher's work experiences (Lithuania, Germany, Netherlands, and Poland);
4. Discussion on how working data-driven approach fits into the system of external audits in Lithuania;
5. How to use data in order to improve students' Math performance and minimize repetition rate?
6. How can data-driven approach assist schools' internal evaluation?
7. Questions and Answers session.
47 participants attended the conference, among them – representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science, National School Assessment Agency, Education Development Centre, different school representatives.


DATAUSE project presented at the international conference - ITEM -  in Bremen, Germany, August 2012
From 5-8 August 2012, international researchers and experts from educational administration met to discuss current results and future challenges of the use of information and communication technologies in education. The contributions ranged from school management systems to university administration and dealt with the question which significance the process of mediatisation will have for the planning and steering of educational institutions. Subjects such as data protection and information security were discussed as well as architecture models for information systems and state-related differences in the management of educational organizations. The DATAUSE project was presented here as well.
The experts came from the U.S.A., the Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Norway, Turkey and Germany. The conference was hosted by the working group "IT in Educational Management" of the "International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP)", a sub-organization of the UNESCO, dedicated to the dissemination of findings from research and practice of computer science. Local organizer is the working group "Information Management" of the Department Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Bremen together with the Institute for Information Management Bremen GmbH (ifib).

UK partner, SSAT no longer involved in the DATAUSE project
We regret to announce that the UK partner - Specialist Schools and Academic Trust (SSAT) is no longer involved in the DATAUSE project due to change of its legal status.  Public Consulting Group will take over the remaining tasks and responsibilities of the UK partner in order to successfuly implement and finalize the project.

DATAUSE project presented at the national conference - EMSE -  in Berlin Germany, June 2012
In the framework of the 15th EMSE conference ("Empiriegestützte Schulentwicklung"/"Data-Driven School Development") in Berlin, June 15th 2012, Professor Andreas Breiter and Louisa Karbautzki presented the DATAUSE training concept. 
They presented the curriculum and the results of the current state analysis from the five partner countries and the practical experience with the two pilot schools in Germany. Also, framework conditions and possibilities for the dissemination of the DATA USE concept in Germany were discussed with the participants of the EMSE conference.

DATAUSE project presented at the 3rd Stockholm Summit for Top Level School Leaders in Stockholm, Sweden, May 2012
From May 28th to the 30th Małgorzata Marciniak and Ewa Kochanowska from Public Consulting Group participated in the 3rd Stockholm Summit for Top Level School Leaders in Stockholm, Sweden ( where they promoted the DATAUSE project.
The purpose of this Summit (as well its previous two editions) was to provide a meeting place for superintendents and other top level school officers where they could learn about global trends and changes in school policy worldwide as well as use the local experience to draw conclusions to help school improvement.

Partner's visit at a conference organized by the American Education Research Association (AERA) and at International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSI), April 2012
In April 2012, one of the project partners, Kim Schildkamp, visited the American Educational Research Association conference in Vancouver, Canada. Approximately 13.000 people from all over the world attended the conference.
At ICSEI (International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement) data use network meeting, Kim, discussed the EU Data use Comenius project extensively with other researchers. She was also able to discuss the project during other different formal and informal AERA sessions. Researchers from, among other countries, the USA, Canada, and Sweden, were very interested in the project.

DATAUSE project presented at international educational experts forum in Malmö, Sweden, January 2012
From January 4th to 7th Kim Schildkamp, Louisa Karbautzki, Malgorzata Marciniak and David Ronka participated in the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI in Malmö, Sweden, where they led a symposium on the Using Data for Improving School and Student Performance project. The DATAUSE project team authored 3 papers for the conference, contributing to the development of the international research base on data use:
  • The Use of Data Across Countries: Development of a Data Use Framework, author: Kim Schildkamp
  • Data Use in Schools: A Cross Country Survey Study, authors: Andreas Breiter and Louisa Karbautzki
  • Development of the Data Use Professional Development Course, authors: Małgorzata Marciniak and David Ronka.
The conference offered multiple networking opportunities with international education leaders, researchers and practitioners allowing for promotion and dissemination of the DATAUSE project.

4th project partners meeting in Bremen, December 2011
All five DATAUSE project partners (Public Consulting Group (PCG), Institute for Information Management (ifib), Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), University of Twente (UT) and Modern Didactics Center (MDC)) met on 14th and 15th of December in Bremen, Germany. During various working sessions that were organized, they discussed the topics concerning the Data Use course pilot that is being implemented in 10 schools in Europe as well as project dissemination and website promotion.
Currently 10 Professional Learning Communities in all partner countries are taking the Data Use course which, by guiding them through a structured data-driven improvement programme, helps them to address the problems they identified in their schools. All partners are working on the DATAUSE project dissemination, either through conferences, e- mailings, newsletters or spread the information about the project through informal communication channels. The project website is constantly updated in order to reflect the efforts that the partners are making in implementing the project.
The meeting enabled reflection on all of the current actions as well as helped to plan the next steps and process improvements. The next partners meeting will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania in August 2012.

 The London Workshop (August 2011)

Data coaches from the five countries met in London for three days at the end of August to be trained in the use of the DataUse materials. The training was built around a typical dataset from an anonymous, pan-European school and introduced the coaches to the concepts of identifying issues and root causes through an in-depth exploration of data. This then led to the production of an action plan and subsequent evaluation of impact. The coaches are now ready to use the same process working with their own school teams and real-life data.

The coaches expressed a very high degree of satisfaction with the quality of the workshop and also expressed their confidence in now being able to lead the programme in their schools.  These are some of the comments received from them in their evaluations:

"There was a very nice atmosphere and very good presentation.  We learned a lot and also enjoyed the international communication about practice in schools."

"It was informative with a lot of good material."

"A good combination of theory and practice and a good atmosphere."

"We enjoyed the opportunity to think about data and how important it is that schools should be driven by data. And the opportunity to meet international colleagues and also get ideas from them and our national colleagues."

This term will see the implementation of the programme in the 10 partner schools and also a series of dissemination events and resources which will bring the project to a much wider audience.