Project implementation

This project involved several European partner countries, it began on 1st November 2010 and ran until 31 October 2012. 

Between January and February 2011, schools were identified by each member to be involved in collating best practices research. The schools formed the basis of a data use survey which was administrated in the spring of 2011. The research and survey findings were used to create course training materials which were disseminated to Data team coaches from each country in August 2011 during 3-day Data team coaches workshop, held in London. 

Between September 2011 and July 2012, school based professional learning communities, which were both coordinated and supported by 
the Data team coaches, were involved in their own school based research (Click here for details). They were meeting regularly with practitioners 'within their own schools and additionally, across the partnership, through using online collaboration tools. Throughout the project, practitioners were involved in supporting improved understanding of their own schools data and were working towards improved outcomes as a result of this practice. 

Furthermore, numerous dissemination activities were performed by both  project partners and practicioners involved in the project. These activities will continue in order to ensure sustainability and durability of the project through its implementation in more schools.

To compensate for the withdrawal of the UK partner and to fully utilize knowledge and expertise gathered and created during the project, PCG undertook intensified commercialization efforts. This included organization of the “train the trainer” workshop for education subject matter experts in Poland and organization of initial sessions of new Data Use course editions in Poland held in September and October of 2012.