Project dissemination

All project partners engaged in several national and international activities to disseminate the project (e.g. through the oral presentations during meetings, seminars and conferences, networking activities, spreading project leaflets and presenting PowerPoint slides).  A list of the most important of those is provided below.

Poland - Public Consulting Group
  • EDU Trends 2012 - one of the biggest educational fairs organized in the capital city of Poland - Warsaw, 27-28 September 2012, during which DATAUSE project was presented before the audience as well as promoted at the Public Consulting Group (PCG) booth. 
  • OSKKO Congress of Management in Education (24-26 September 2012, 9-11 March 2012, 21-23 September 2011) which is a large-scale event, attracting over 1500 participants each year. PCG takes part in most of the events organized by the National Association of Educational Leadership (OSKKO) in order to promote the DATAUSE project and seek opportunities for cooperation with specialists from the education sector. Please visit OSKKO website for more information:
  • Polish Congress on Educational Diagnostics (21-23 September 2012) where the DATAUSE project was presented and promoted among scholars and specialists from the whole country.
  • Presentation of the DATAUSE project in front of the local authorities and teachers from the city of Białogard in August 2012. The aim of this presentation was to set ground for future cooperation with the local government  and schools from Białogard which in the future would lead to schools' enrollment in the DATAUSE course.
  • A series of presentations conducted among schools from łódzkie region in Poland concerning the data use model and possibilities of its utilization in a process of internal evaluation in schools (29 February – 6 March 2012).
  • Conferences coorganized with the Public Consulting Group partner - LIBRUS company (1 and 23 March 2012). Librus provides a variety of IT systems supporting polish schools and local governments in education management. Through this partnership PCG had an opportunity to promotes the effects of DATAUSE project among Librus systems' users.
  • Academy of Management for School Directors (19 and 26 January 2012) – a conference attended by school leaders and principles discussing recent and most urgent challenges of Polish school staff. Further information:
  • Polish Congress on Educational Diagnostics (23-25 September 2011) during which the DATAUSE project was promoted among scholars from the whole country (see details on the website:
  • Educational Value Added (1-3 April 2011) – conference during which the DATAUSE project was presented to over 120 experts on evaluation and 16 representatives of the Regional Examination Board. For more details, please visit the EVA website (

Germany - Institute for Information Management Bremen (ifib)
  • Presenting the project during a session at EMSE 2012 in Berlin, Germany (25 people were reached).
  • Distributing leaflets at EMSE 2012 (approx. 100 people reached).
  • Talking about the project while networking with teacher training institution in Bremen, Germany, June, 2011 (approx. 20 people were reached) and at the “Medienbildungsmesse Hessen” in Frankfurt am Main (1000 people attended).
  • Releasing information online at by publishing a press release about the start of the project in November 2010 (approx. 600 hits), blogging about participation in EMSE 2012 in Berlin, Germany and ITEM 2012 in Bremen, Germany, and tweeting about participation in DATAUSE conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Orally mentioning the project at the meeting “Sitzung der Gemischten Kommission der Ständigen Konferenz der Kultusminister“ in München, Germany, November 2010 with an audience of 30 people, and during a presentation at the national convention "Netzwerk Medienkompetenzschulen Rheinland-Pfalz" in Mainz, Germany, November 2010 which 600 people attended.

Lithuania - Modern Didactics Center
Soon, project link will be placed on the National School Assessment Agency website:
  • Presenting some project results aspects at the International conference “From Literacy Research to the Classroom Practice: Insight and Inspirations”, Dublin, Ireland, September 28, 2012 (expected number of participants – 50).  
  • Presenting of the project results to Lithuanian school teams, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, Education Development Centre, National Schools Assessment Agency at  the international final project conference on 29th August 2012. Participants number – 47.
  • Presenting the project results and future possibilities to  project school communities in 2012 (approximately 106 people were informed about the project).
  • Presentations and updates of project progress at international projects partners meeting where MDC participated during 2010 - 2012 (approximately 73 people were informed about the project).
  • Presenting the project at International Consortium of Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking meeting in 2010 (50 people were informed about the project) and at international workshop organized by MDC in 2011 (18 participants).
  • Presenting the project run and results to the Board of Directors of the Modern Didactics Center in 2011 (9 people).

The Netherlands - University of Twente
  • Presenting the project at a national conference in 2012 with a researcher audience (approximately 10 people were informed about the project). The conference is called “Onderwijs Research Dagen”  (Educational Research Days) and the participants are mainly researchers from the Netherlands and Belgium:
  • Presenting the project at several national conference with a practitioner audience (school staff of primary and secondary education) all focusing on how to improve practice in schools (approximately 440 people were informed about the project):

United Kingdom - Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT)
  • Leading Edge Leadership Conference - SSAT presented the DATAUSE project during the conference in September, 2011 in London. Additionally, project leaflets were distributed among school leaders and teachers.
  • Mentioning the DATAUSE project in the annual educational outcomes analysis publication. 
  • Introducing the DATAUSE project concept to school leaders and teachers who participated in the SSAT National Conference in November 2010 in London.
  • DATAUSE project at SSAT Data Enabler event which took place in London, Birmingham and Manchester. 
  • Publishing and sending out a DATAUSE project newsletter to over 2000 schools. 
  • Distributing leaflets during various events attracting numerous delegates from schools e.g. SSAT Annual Conference, Academies' conference, RAISEonline training, Data Enabler training, Excellence in grammar schools, Data Manager training.