The work of the partners in establishing a research base for best practices in data use in Europe, as well as the data use model that emerged from the research, ensured that the work products of this project are relevant to the particular conditions of education in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Lithuania.
  • We produced websites in each of the partners languages that enable sharing of content and information about project implementation.
  • We collated best practice in data use from each of the partners countries and shared this with our international community.
  • We developed a data use survey that can be used by schools to identify their strengths and areas for development and provide support in administrating this in professional learning communities taking part in the project.
  • We established professional learning communities in each of our partner countries and provided support and training to data team coaches in each country.
  • We developed training and support materials for each of the partner countries and continue disseminating this work.
  • We work to extend this practice across partner countries and the EU by making all information available and through a coordinated dissemination approach.
The professional development course and a survey assessment, brought a set of tools that help build capacity to use data to improve teaching and learning of European educators . The survey instrument can be used by any school administrator to assess the extent of data use within his/her school, including areas of strength and areas of weakness. The professional development course can be administered by any professional development provider and  may include tools, protocols, and activities that will build capacity within school-based teams to establish a culture of utilizing data to inform decisions about policy, programs, and instructional practice. 

Due to the withrawal of the UK partner – Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), Public Consulting Group (PCG) took over all of the SSAT's responsibilities to guaranteee that the project continues and is finalized effectively and on time.  To compensate for the withdrawal and to fully utilize knowledge and expertise gathered and created during the project, PCG undertook intensified commercialization and dissemination efforts and provided added value to the project by second stage adaptation of the Data Use course to increase the target groups outreach and commercialization which will contribute to ensuring durability of the DATAUSE project results.

PCG Polska aimed at increasing the project dissemination reach through focusing mostly on improving teachers' and students' performance by:
  • Organization of the “train the trainer” workshop for  education subject matter experts in Poland.
  • Organization of initial sessions of new Data Use course editions in Poland held in September and October of 2012. 
  • Development of revised and adopted course materials based on recommendations for improvements gathered from professional learning communites during the Data Use course pilot implementation taking into account the Polish market needs and expectations.
  • Enrichment of the course with case studies based on partners experiences in piloting the course
  • Design curriculum structures to use the course materials flexibly to address specific needs that require improvement processes and approach in schools.