Aims and objectives

The general aim of this project was to develop the skills of school leaders to establish learning communities where data are used to improve educational outcomes by:
  • helping school leaders establish a vision for using data to improve educational outcomes,
  • increasing the understanding of how to maximize use of available data among school leaders, 
  • building key data use skills such as assessment literacy, question formulation, data collection, data analysis, action planning, and progress monitoring and, 
  • helping leaders use data to inform decisions about policy, programs, teaching practice, and student placement in schools. 
Objectives set to acomplish these aims included: 
  • researching the state of the art in terms of using data to improve instructional outcomes,
  • building and administering a data use survey instrument to measure the extent of data use at a school,
  • designing and piloting a data use professional development curriculum for school-based professional learning communities and, 
  • providing coaching on data use to the professional learning communities throughout the project.