Our Project
Water is life! We often take this fact for granted forgetting that clean freshwater is coming under increasing threat due to global warming and excessive demand from a growing world population. Because of this threat to water schools from Ireland, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Turkey have formed a Comenius school partnership to work on a project, “Water – The Essential Resource”.

The main objective of our cross-curricular project is to work collaboratively to raise the level of consciousness of water among our schools and wider communities, so that they will see water as the most important resource on earth, and put in place policies to sustain this resource and prevent pollution. Through this collaborative work we expect that pupils will develop an awareness of and a respect for the diversity of European cultures, and also to acquire life skills and competencies necessary for personal development and active European citizenship.

We will use water as a conduit to work through areas of the curriculum such as Language, Geography, History, Maths, Science, Art, Drama/Dance, Religion and ICT. This collaborative work will enhance the language, presentation, investigative, scientific, social, cultural and ICT skills of the participants. The cultural and geographical diversity of the partner countries bring added dynamics to our project in the sense that participants learn about and appreciate cultural differences, and see that each country may have different approaches to water pollution and sustainability.  The broad scope of our project enables all students including those with special needs, and those from different ethnic backgrounds, to participate effectively and creatively in this work.

Our Project Logo

We wanted a logo to represent the countries of our partnership. We also wanted to represent water as the main theme of the project.  Moreover, we wanted to engage our pupils in the project so we had a logo competition among the different schools. Each school then voted for their favourite logo.

Scuola Media “U. Allegri”, Gambara, Italy was the clear winner.  A water drop is personified. This person exudes energy and dynamism. The pencil, which also has the flags of the participating countries, ties him into the school community. The Portuguese have aptly named him Droppy and he is our project logo.