Come Heal Yourself!

Welcome to Holistic Healing! The sickness in our physical body is because of the dis-ease in our mental/emotional being. And all we need to do to heal ourselves and our lives is to heal those negative beliefs at the Core of our being.

Give yourself this opportunity to heal and live a LIFE that is full of joy, love, peace and abundance that is your birthright! God wants us to be happy and we are the Co-Creators of our life.

Allow yourself to come, connect with your all knowing higher self and experience the solutions that lie within you. We help you get up in the morning with a smile, looking forward to a beautiful day, coaching you to take control of your life in a positive and enriching way!

Love & Blessings to All!

About Monika

From very early childhood Monika felt happiest when praying/meditating and in nature.  She always felt divine energy channeling through her.

Monika's purpose in life is to help heal everyone and make them aware of their innate healing ability.  Her vision is the Earth full of love, light, happiness and peace, everyone, and everything in harmony in this Universe. 

Major areas of specialization with certifications awarded:

Ø  Usui Reiki Grandmaster

Ø  Certified Hypnotherapist/Past Life Regression                  Therapist

Ø  Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner

Ø  Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader

Ø  Ascention Reiki Master

Ø  Spiritual Energy Dynamics Practitioner (Level 3)

Ø  Theta Healing Practitioner (Advanced Level)

Ø  Earth Acupuncturist, Land/Property Healer

Ø  Meditation Instructor

Ø  Dream Interpretor

Reiki Workshop is coming soon... for details click here.

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