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2013 Publications

1.) Mamauag,
S.S., P.M. Aliño, R.J.S. Martinez, R.N. Muallil, M.V.A. Doctor, E.C. Dizon, R.C. Geronimo, R.B. Cabral. Tool for Understanding Resilience of Fisheries (TURF): A framework for assessing the vulnerability of coastal fisheries ecosystems to climate change. To appear: Fisheries Research.
2.) Muallil, R. N., Cleland, D., & Aliño, P. M. (2013). Socioeconomic factors associated with fishing pressure in small-scale fisheries along the West Philippine Sea biogeographic region. Ocean & Coastal Management, 82, 27-33.

3.) Toribio, M. Z., Arceo, H. O., & Aliño, P. (2013). Sharing the Costs and Benefits of Marine Protected Areas: Implications for Good Coastal Resource Governance. In Governing the Provision of Ecosystem Services (pp. 149-169). Springer Netherlands.

4.) Cabral, R. B., Aliño, P. M., & Lim, M. T. (2013). A coupled stock-recruitment-age-structured model of the North Sea cod under the influence of depensation. Ecological Modelling, 253, 1-8.

5.) Foale, S, Adhuri, D, Aliño, P, Allison, EH, Andrew, N, Cohen, P, Evans, L, Fabinyi, M, Fidelman, P, Gregory, C, Stacey, N, Tanzer, J, Weeratunge, N. (2013) Food Security and the Coral Triangle Initiative. Marine Policy.

6.) Cabral, R., A. Cruz-Trinidad, R. Geronimo, L. Napitupulu, P. Lokani, D. Boso, C. Casal, N. Ahmad Fatan, P. Aliño (2013) Crisis sentinel indicators: Averting a potential meltdown in the Coral Triangle. Marine Policy, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.marpol.2012.10.012

7.) Arceo,
H.O., B. Cazalet, P.M. Aliño, L. Mangialajo, P. Francour (2013) Moving beyond a top-down fisheries management approach in the northwestern Mediterranean: Some lessons from the Philippines. Marine Policy 39: 29-42.

2012 Publications

2011 Impact Factor: 1.194

1.) Aileen P. Maypa, Alan T. White, Elline Cañares, Raffy Martinez, Rose Liza Eisma-Osorio,
Porfirio Aliño, Dean Apistar
Marine Protected Area Management Effectiveness: Progress and Lessons in the Philippines
Coastal Management , Volume 40, Issue 5, 2012

2011 Impact Factor: 5.228

2.) Reniel B. Cabral, Annabelle Cruz-Trinidad, Rollan Geronimo, Porfirio M. Aliño
Opportunities and Challenges in the Coral Triangle
Environmental Science & Technology, In Press

2010 Impact Factor: 1.524

3.) Vera Horigue, Porfirio M. Aliño, Alan T. White, Robert L. Pressey
Marine protected area networks in the Philippines: Trends and challenges for establishment and governance
Ocean & Coastal Management, 2012, vol. 64, pages 15-26

2010 Impact Factor: 3.016

4.) Cesar Villanoy, Laura David, Olivia Cabrera, Michael Atrigenio, Fernando Siringan, 
Porfirio Aliño and Maya Villaluz
Coral reef ecosystems protect shore from high-energy waves under climate change scenarios Climatic Change, 2012, vol. 112, issue 2, pages 493-505

5.) Mia T. Comeros-Raynal, John Howard Choat, Beth A. Polidoro, Kendall D. Clements, Rene Abesamis, Matthew T. Craig, Muhammad Erdi Lazuardi, Jennifer McIlwain, Andreas Muljadi, Robert F. Myers, Cleto L. Nañola Jr., Shinta Pardede, Luiz A. Rocha, Barry Russell, Jonnell C. Sanciangco, Brian Stockwell, Heather Harwel, Kent E. Carpenter (2012) The Likelihood of Extinction of Iconic and Dominant Herbivores and Detritivores of Coral Reefs: The Parrotfishes and Surgeonfishes. PLoS ONE 7(7): e39825. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0039825

6.) Betcher MA, Fung JM, Han AW, O’Connor R, Seronay R, et al. (2012) Microbial Distribution and Abundance in the Digestive System of Five Shipworm Species (Bivalvia: Teredinidae). PLoS ONE 7(9): e45309. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0045309

2011 COMECO International Publications

1. A. Cruz-Trinidad, R.C. Geronimo, R.B. Cabral, and P.M. Aliño, How much is the Bolinao-Anda coral reefs worth?Ocean & Coastal Management 54: 696-705.

2. R.N. Muallil, R.C. Geronimo, D. Cleland, R.B. Cabral, M.V. Doctor, A. Cruz-Trinidad,and P.M. Aliño (2011) Willingness to exit the artisanal fishery as a response to scenarios of declining catch or increasing monetary incentives, Fisheries Research
111: 74-81.

J.E. Arias-González, C. Johnson, R.M. Seymour, P. Perez, P. Aliño (2011) Scaling Up Models of the Dynamics of Coral Reef Ecosystems: An Approach for Science-Based Management of Global Change. In: Coral Reefs: An Ecosystem in Transition Part 4, pp. 373-388. [Book Chapter]

C.L. Nañola, P.M. Aliño, K.E. Carpenter (2011) Exploitation-related reef fish species richness depletion in the epicenter of marine biodiversity, Environmental Biology of Fishes 20: 405-420.

5. R.B. Cabral,
P.M. Aliño (2011) Transition from common to private coasts: Consequences of privatization of the coastal commons, Ocean & Coastal Management 54: 66-74.

6. J. Melbourne-Thomas, C.R. Johnson, P.M. Aliño, R.C. Geronimo, C.L. Villanoy, G.G. Gurney (2011) A multi-scale biophysical model to inform regional management of coral reefs in the western Philippines and South China Sea, Environmental Modelling & Software 26: 66-82.

7. Wilfredo Y. Licuanan, Marianne Lorelei S. Medina, Katrina S. Luzon, Maricar S. Samson, Cleto L. Nañola, Jr., Rene N. Rollon, Michael Y. Roleda (2011) Priority Reef Areas in the Pacific Coast of the Philippines for Marine Protected Area Deployment. The Philippine Agricultural Scientist 94: 384-400.

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