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Whether you're looking for an individual residential service or a bundle, The Connected Home offers it all. Browse and compare the different services we offer from leading companies.


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Connect online fast and simply. We offer the best speeds at the best prices.


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Whether you're looking to watch HD sporting events, premium programming, or your favorite show, we've got all the deals.


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Talk on the phone for hours with ease knowing that you are getting the best deal.


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Protect your family and wallet with an affordable home security system.

Bundle Options

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Save money and hassle by bundling your services into a single package.

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4 Things To Know About Ways To Save On Cable

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It’s no secret paying for high speed Internet, cable and phone services can add up.
The President of The Connected Home, Chris Goodwin, started his company to help educate people know their options.
He said a good price for a bundle package is right around $100 to $120.
But is bundling the way to go?
Goodwin actually recommends breaking away from bundling because you may be able to get faster Internet or avoid long commitments.

“Sometimes one has a contract and one doesn’t so you may be switching out of their promo offers all the time,” Goodwin said.
Although it can be a hassle, he said another way to save is change it up.

“One of the best ways to save money is to keep switching between A and B provider,” he said.
Goodwin said the common trend these days is cutting the chord from cable all together, but the cost of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime can sky rocket your television bill. He has seen bills as high as $300 dollars.
Finally Goodwin says buy your modem rather than rent.

How much are you spending on your home services? Tell us in the polls below.

Why Order DirecTV with Us?

Why is it better to order DirecTV through us, than say, DirecTV.com or a call center?

  1. It's the same price. All of the prices and offers you see online or in the Sunday paper are exactly the same, with one exception.  Our installation is FREE! (DirecTV.com installation is $26.95.)

  2. Installation Expertise. We have the best technicians in the Twin Cities. We install sports bars, golf courses, home theaters and many other unique venues. Our technical expertise and experience make us the best.

  3. Less Hassle. It will literally take you less time to call us and order your service than to check out of your shopping cart at DirecTV.com, ANDwe won't be constantly upselling you products you don't want or need, like a DirecTV call center will.

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xfinity tv packages Minneapolis

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