Comcast Deals for 2013

Comcast or specifically Comcast Network services over 30+ million individuals/businesses every single year. They were originally known as American Cable Systems in 1963. Since then, they have become is one of the largest provider of high speed broadband, internet, phone services, and security services in the United States. Comcast offers a multitude of services and are located in Philadelphia. Some of the companies that they have previously acquired or merged with are GE, Golf Channel, E!,G4, NBC Universal, to name a few. Comcast even acquired "naming rights" to the Comcast Center in 2002 for 25 million dollars.Comcast is a powerful informational, entertainment and communications firm and a force to be recognized.

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2. Click Here for all of the Comcast Xfiniity Bundles and Deals (Visa Prepaid Cards up to $250 available).
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Getting Comcast Deals
We have all received it, the dreaded sales call from a salesperson that tries to get you to switch broadband, energy or mortgage carriers. They use manipulation, hard sales and even threats to make you question your decision. They have the perfectly written script and they know how to push all of your hot buttons. They speak about this deal and how you'll save money. They tell you about how you're missing out, how everyone you know have already made the choice, and how you'll be crazy to stay with your current carrier. Although their offers sound tempting, you aren't sure. You don't necessarily want to go with the hassle of switching. You worry about prepayment penalties, if the deal is really as good as it sounds. Yes, you want to save money but you don't necessarily want to switch providers. After all, you're not really unhappy about the services, your current company seems good enough and you promptly tell them "thanks but no thanks." 

You wrestle with your decision and wonder if you made the right choice. After some time, you start thinking about all their bells and whistles and you get tempted. Well, before you make that call to switch, there are certain things you can do to ease your mind and save yourself some money. In this article, we will provide you with proven strategies to get cheaper broadband service from your current provider. We will teach you strategies that will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. Are you ready? Let's get started.

Research the Facts and Don't Fall for Lies
Most companies are liars. They offer you something to reel you in and then once they have you, they pull the old bait and switch. They attract you with an unbelievable great deal, premier features, a lower than average price and then when they have you for about a year or two, they raise the price a lot. Or, they might even raise it slow and you don't even notice. This is the oldest trick in the book and just about every broadband company follows this practice. Yes, it is wrong but it is done. 

With this in mind, you must conduct your research. You must learn the true value of the offer. You might just see that the new offer may sound better but it doesn't necessarily mean that it is better in the long run. It could very well be that the new price and service offered, will save you a little money now but will cost you huge money in the future. Therefore, you must understand the true cost over a period of years not just one. With this information in hand, you can fight fire with fire!

Know Your Individual Needs, Wants and Desires
Not everyone needs unlimited service or special features like faster broadband. In fact, you may do just fine with less or slower broadband and a cheaper price. Features like speed limits matter but only to some people. Don’t be suckered into thinking that faster is always better, especially when your current service is good enough. There will always be faster service but, the question is, do you need it? After all, the faster your broadband is, the more expensive it will be. 

In contrast, if you need faster broadband because you work at home or become easily irritated with slow service, you may not be able to compromise on speed or price. By knowing your needs and budget, you can pick and chose those services that actually matter to you and save yourself a tremendous amount of money by only purchasing what you need. You won't be suckered by false promises but reality based on facts.

Bundle Your Deal
Consider bundling your deal with your current provider. That's right! Consider having all of your services by the same company. By adding cable, your home phone, and Internet services with the same company, you can save money. In fact, you can save over 50% or more by simply bundling your services. Plus, you'll save yourself time, as you'll only have one provider to pay. Most people don't realize that bundling is one of the best ways to save and end up losing a tremendous amount of money simply because they never acted.

Threaten your Provider with Another Offer
In most instances, you have negotiating power. If you tell your current broadband company that you are leaving them because you found a better deal elsewhere, they may straighten up. They may offer you a free DVD, faster broadband, lower price, or something else to make you stay. In essence, they will try and woo you like a neglectful partner does when you tell him you're leaving him for someone new. Use this to your advantage. Even if you would rather not leave, let them think that you are actually planning to leave. Provide them with solid proof like quotes from other companies and stand firm. In most instances, they will at the least match the price. Your threats become even more powerful if you're a long-term customer. If the existing salesperson won't negotiate the cost, ask to speak to their supervisor who has more authority.

Either way, when you are confident and ask for a better deal, in most instances, you will get what you're asking for. And, if you're willing to back up that threat with action, you will definitely get more. 

In conclusion, you don't necessarily have to switch carriers if you're happy with the company you have. But, if you want to save money on your broadband coverage, you may have to understand your needs, only choose coverage you need and not be afraid to threaten to walk away. By doing this, the power is in your hand and you can and will get the better deal.