11th (Tuesday)
    13:30~14:20    Ming Fang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
                            Schur functors and dominant dimension
    14:30~15:20    Pavlo Pylyavskyy (University of Minnesota)
                            Electrical networks, Lie theory and crystals
    16:10~17:00    Katsuyuki Naoi (University of Tokyo)     Slide
                            Demazure modules, Demazure crystals and the X=M conjecture
12th (Wednesday)
    10:00~10:50    Masaki Mori (University of Tokyo)     Slide
                            Representation theory of wreath product in non-integral rank
    11:00~11:50    Yutaka Yoshii (Nara National College of Technology)
                            Weyl modules and principal series modules
    13:30~14:20    Maki Nakasuji (Kitasato University)     Slide
                            Tokuyama-type formula for factorial Schur functions
    14:30~15:20    Takayuki Okuda (University of Tokyo)
                            Smallest complex nilpotent orbits with real points
    16:10~17:00    Yuichiro Tanaka (University of Tokyo)
                            A generalized Cartan decomposition for connected compact Lie groups
                            and its application
13th (Thursday)
    10:00~10:50    Norihiro Nakashima (Hokkaido University)
                            A basis for the module of differential operators of order 2 on the braid
                            hyperplane arrangement
    11:00~11:50    Shunsuke Tsuchioka (University of Tokyo)
                            Quiver Hecke superalgebras
    13:30~14:20    Ryoichi Kase (Osaka University)
                            The number of arrows in a tilting quiver over a path algebra
                            of type A or D
    14:30~15:20    Euiyong Park (Osaka Unisersity)     Slide
                            Irreducible modules over Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier algebras
                            of finite classical type
    16:10~17:00    Kentaro Nagao (Nagoya University)
                            Matrix counting and the refined topological vertex of the conifold
14th (Friday)
    10:00~10:50    Masao Ishikawa (University of the Ryukyus)     Slide
                            A Pfaffian analogue of the Hankel determinants and the Selberg integrals
    11:00~11:50    Masao Ishikawa (University of the Ryukyus)     Lecture Note
                            Hiroyuki Tagawa (Wakayama University)
                            A generalization of the Mehta-Wang determinant and
                            the Askey-Wilson polynomials
    13:10~14:00    Masato Okado/Nobumasa Sano (Osaka University)
                            KKR type bijection for the exceptional affine algebra E_6^{(1)}
    14:10~15:00    Anatol N. Kirillov (Kyoto University)
                            Algebraic and combinatorial properties of Dunkl operators
                            at critical level

Program Changes

  •  Prof. Nagao's talk and Prof. Tsuchioka's talk are interchanged.