Alternate Titles:
ICML Workshop on Supervised + X + X' Learning
ICML Workshop on "N-Choose-K" Learning

A variety of extensions to supervised learning have been developed over the years. Many of these approaches are designed to reduce the amount of time, effort, or expense required to obtain quality labeled data for training. For example, active learning aims to minimize labeling costs by allowing the learner to "query" for the most informative data points, while semi-supervised learning aims to also learn from unlabeled data that is often available "for free". Some other approaches rely on injecting related domain knowledge (e.g., domain adaptation), leveraging related tasks (e.g., multitask learning), or varying the data (or model) representation.

Although these methods often look different, and may be based on different assumptions, they are unified by a common goal: to improve upon supervised learning for the task at hand. Furthermore, we believe it should be possible to leverage the individual strengths of these approaches in order to arrive at new machine learning paradigms that are even more powerful and adaptable. We envisage that in ten years or so most real-world systems based on machine learning will employ at least three or four of these different extensions, working symbiotically. After all, the learning organisms we observe in nature operate by combining multiple strategies, so why not machines? We see this workshop as an important opportunity to foster thinking and collaboration in this direction.

Some recent work in machine learning has already begun to consider aspects of integration. We anticipate that this workshop will help shed more light on such issues, discover unifying themes, foster the cross-pollination of ideas among experts in these respective subfields, and encourage researchers to consider the possibilities in developing the next generation of learning systems.

The workshop will consist of a mix of invited talks, contributed talks, a spotlight session, and a poster session.

Confirmed Speakers
Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline: April 29, 2011
Paper Acceptance Notification: May 20, 2011
Camera Ready Submission: June 10, 2011
Workshop Date: July 02, 2011

Workshop Venue: Hyatt Regency Bellevue, Washington, USA
Contact: clsicml@gmail.com