"Combat Vietnam Veterans of Texas is probably the smallest organization, and pound for pound the most dynamic..  Their "POW - MIA Recognition Weekend" was one hell of a good showing by any standard..  I'm proud to know that such a gathering could be mobilized in Back-Water Texas.. (say:)  Hometown, America, was made possible because of a small (yes, very small) group of real movers and shakers that grabbed the ball and ran with it..  Let me find ten more groups like CVVOT, (if they are out there) and watch what happens.." 


Well, here we are in the year 2012, AND nothing has changed when dealing with the Veterans Administratuon..  They are still liars, thieves, & cheats, AND their objective is to grant you the absolutely least anount of benefits that you are entitled to..    I - We have been dealing with the VA for 25 plus years, trying our best to help Vets get what they are entitle to..  That's hard to do when you have to deal with liars, thieves, & cheats..
"Combat Vietnam Veterans Of Texas", aka "CVVOT", was started back in the mid 80's out of necessity..  The city of Tyler, Texas, where I was born and reared, never had a memorial for our valiant men who were KIA or MIA in the Vietnam Conflict..  Back in those days me and another Vet had started an Amvets group..  I brought up the idea of going against the grain and fight city hall to get recognition for our Fallen..
At this time I realized the true meaning of  "Not All Vietnam Vets Are My Brothers"..  According to county records there were close to 5,000 Vietnam Vets living in Smith County..  I was told by the Amvets group that it was a good idea..  So I started going to VFW, American Legion, DAV, etc. to try and get help with this enormous task we were undertaking..
This is the about the time my views on Vietnam Vets became jaded..  Most Vets were to busy with their lives to become apart of this project..  The few that were interested wanted something..  "What's in it for us"..  "Will our names be recognized"..  "Will our names be part of the memorial"..  My answer to them was, "If your name isn't listed as a KIA or MIA, then there is nothing in it for you"..  Only the fact that in your heart you did something good..  Then the dissention set in..
I was so disappointed in so-called Brothers that I resigned my position as Commander of Amvets and decided that it would take a hard-core, no Bull-Shit organization to get the job done..  So, "CVVOT" was born..
"CVVOT" is not a democracy..  We discriminate..  If you aren't 100% dedicated to our cause, then you don't join this group..  We have no dead weight..  We have never solicited membership..  Soliciting membership is where you get what I call,  just joiners..  Vets see what we are doing and they approach us for membership..  Some are allowed in, but most are not, for the obvious reason..
"CVVOT" started it's membership with only Combat Vets..  Some non-Combat Vets have applied for membership, and were allowed in..  Why..?  Because it was obvious that these Vets were movers and shakers also..  The name, "CVVOT" stays the same, but the membership consists of hard-core Vietnam Vets..
After word of our accomplishments got out to the masses, Vietnam Vets from other states started asking for membership..  After a lot of soul searching I decided not to shoot a gift horse..  Yes, we have membership all over the US..  Why..?  Because they are movers and shakers..
We don't have a membership roster..  Nor do I know exactly how many members we have, but it is in the thousands..  I don't know who these members are, nor do I care..  I only know that they are hard-core and dedicated.. 
Pound for pound I will put our track record up against any of the Congressionally Chartered Vet groups that number in the 100's of thousands..  We have went up against the VA, major Corporations, other Vet organizations, etc., and we won..  Our mind-set is this, "Do it right the first time, and you will not have to  back-track and clean up any messes you have made"..
We are self sufficient, being that we do everything on our own and don't rely on anyone except ourselves..  However we work very closely with two other organizations because they are like "CVVOT", and have that hard-core approach to everything they do..
One of the groups is "VCV - Ltd"., out of San Jose, Ca. started by the famous, or should I say infamous, John Devitt who was the brain-child of "THE MOVING WALL"..  Make no mistake about "The Moving Wall" and its dedication to its cause..  There have been several imitators, BUT John Devitt is the originator..  He has travelled the globe tirelessly since October of '84 bringing the names to Mothers whose Sons were KIA or MIA in Vietnam..  Mothers and families who may never get the opportunity to travel to DC to see their Sons names etched in black granite..  So John brings their names to the hometowns for these families..
John is one of the few Brothers that I truly can call a Brother..  He is my friend..  John and I both served in the Cav..  I was truly honored to have been chosen by "VCV - Ltd" for the very first showing of "The Moving Wall" back in October of '84 here in Tyler..  John and I have become extremely close working together for each others cause..
The other group that we are proud to associate with is "VET - NET"..  I worked with "VET - NET" before "CVVOT" was ever born..  This group is yet another Texas based organization..  Their track record is unbelieveable to say it mildly..  It is run by "Mike Davis", aka "WmD"..  Mike was a Gunship driver in Vietnam..  Another Brother whom I can proudly say is my Brother..  There is not another city, county, state, or national organization that has made the accomplishments "VET - NET" has..  Yes, another hard-core no Bull-Shit group of dedicated Warriors..  "VET - NET" is a beacon in the world of Veteran Affairs that all other groups should gather around..
John, Mike, and myself go back many years with a common bond that few Vietnam Veterans have..  We are movers and shakers that that will stand side by side against all odds..  "This is a friendship that many wish for, but few have".. 
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