Yokozuna Bodyslam Challenge

The Yokozuna Body Slam Challenge
Date: July 4, 1993
Location: New York City, New York
Venue: The U.S.S. Intrepid
Attendance: 1,500

The rules of the challenge stated that all athletes who accepted invitations to compete would receive a single attempt to body slam the 500+ pound WWF World Heavyweight champion, Yokozuna. 

Winner: Lex Luger
Luger arrived as a surprise entrant and slammed Yokozuna after hitting him with a forearm shiver.

The following athletes failed to body slam Yokozuna: 
Bill Fralic (Detroit Lions)
Bob Backlund (WWF)
Crush (WWF)
George Martin
Joe Morris (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Joe Smith 
Pete Taglianetti (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Randy Savage (WWF)
Regy Roby (Miami Dolphins)
Rick Steiner (WWF)
Scott Burrell (Charlotte Hornets)
Scott Steiner (WWF)
Tatanka (WWF)

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