The 3rd International Conference on     
COMAT 2010      
 Brasov, ROMANIA, 27-29 october 2010
                   The conference is organised by TRANSILVANIA UNIVERSITY of Brasov (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering-Department of Mechanics) togheter with ROMANIAN ACADEMY of TECHNICAL SCIENCE and SIAR Romania. The previous two conferences was organised in 2006 and 2008. 
                                                                                        Brasov - Down Town

q      Composite Application in Automotive Engineering;

q      Ceramic Matrix Composites and Applications in Power Engines;

q      Environment and Renewable Energy;

q      Composites in Civil Engineering;

q      Composites in Transportation;

q      Damage and Fatigue of Composites and Applications in Automotive Industry;

q      Fibres;

q      Fracture and Failure in Composites;

q      Interface;

q      Mechanical Properties of Composites;

q      Metal Matrix Composites;

q      Modelling;Nanocomposites;

q      Natural Composites – Biomaterials;

q      Non-Destructive Testing of Composites;

q      Polymer Matrices;Smart Composites;

q      Composite Materials in Biomechanics Industrial Applications;

q      Material behaviour including bond, durability, fatigue and long-term performance

q      Fabrication, processing and testing methods; Full-scale testing;

q      Analysis and design;

q      Applications in wood, masonry and steel structures;

q      Structural shapes and fully composite systems with Applications in Automotive Engineering;

q      Innovative structural systems;

q      Sustainability and life-cycle