Arab-Israeli conflict: effects of Islamization.

Arab-Israeli conflict: effects of Islamization.

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CollectionMaster of Military Art and Science Theses
TitleArab-Israeli conflict: effects of Islamization.
AuthorChabbi, Rafik Ben Abdellaziz.
AbstractThis study attempts to appraise the strategic effects at regional and global levels in the event of Islamization of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The analysis addresses the weight of religion in Middle-Eastern politics, the forms of expression of religious solidarity and the strategic value of the Islamic world. Analysis reveals a religious perception of the Arab-Israeli conflict is likely among Muslims in the mid-term because of the growing spread of Islamic revival and the threat to Islamic values and holy places in Palestine. Hence, in case of Islamization of this conflict, the regional strategic bearing is likely to be affected by: 1. an upset of the regional balance of power; 2. an impediment to great powers' direct involvement; 3. a change in great powers' ranking of their interests in the Middle East.
KeywordArab-Israeli conflict; Islam; Middle East; Religion; Arab Israeli relations; Zionism; Politics; Balance of power
SubjectArab-Israeli conflict.
Israel-Arab War, 1967.
Israel-Arab War, 1973.
Religion and politics -- Middle East.
Arab-Israeli conflict -- 1993- -- Peace.
Religion and politics -- Middle East.
Islam -- Middle East.
Islam and world politics.
Arab-Israeli conflict -- Religious aspects -- Islam.
Arab-Israeli conflict -- Religious aspects -- Judaism.
Subject - geographicalJerusalem -- Politics and government -- 20th century. br Middle East -- Religion.
Subject - nameLewis, Bernard.
SeriesCommand and General Staff College (CGSC) MMAS thesis
PublisherFort Leavenworth, KS : US Army Command and General Staff College,
Date, Original1980-06-06
Date, Digital2004-12-23
Resource TypeTextual
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