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Made your our teams for the best GNU soccer game, Bygfoot.

Version 6.07.06 in English
Program download: BygfootTeamCreator.jar
Source download: BygfootTeamCreator-source-v6.07.06.tar.gz

BygfootTeamCreator is an easy way to create files definitions for the game Bygfoot. You only have to write the parameters and save the file as a XML file.

 It's not necessary, but you can create until 20 players.

Click on "Create" to save a team. Remember to choose a name like team_(the team country)_(the team name).xml

For example: team_spain_valencia.xml

To put the team on the game you will need to edit the file "support_files/definitions/(country where the team plays)/(league where the team plays).xml".

For example: "support_files/definitions/spain/league_spain1.xml".

Now you must find the line where your team is defined, and put under a line like that: <def_file>country_name<def_file>

To finish put your xml file (the file you made with the program) at the directorie "support_files/teams"

That's all. Now you can play with your team!!

BygfootTeamCreator was made with the Java 1.5 SDK, so you need Java 1.5 (also called Java 5) to run the program.

To run the program in most system you will have to do double click on the ".jar" file. Also you can do right click and choose "Open with Java".