About the game:
Comanchería is a solitaire game in which you, the player, must guide the Comanche people from their sudden and explosive rise to power in the early 1700s, to their equally precipitous downfall in 1875.

The game system is based around Joel's first game design, Navajo Wars. Comanchería is currently available for pre-order by GMT Games.

Recent Designer's Blog entries:

  • Comanche Warfare Part 1: Weapons Because Comanche warfare played such a big part in pre-reservation Comanche culture, one of my first design decisions was to make this game more about warfare than in my previous design. Make no mistake, warfare plays an important role in Navajo Wars. But warfare must be used judiciously in Navajo Wars. Not so with Comanchería. In this game the player must be aggressive and take the fight to the enemy in order to win. Because Comanche warfare plays such an important role in the game, I thought I'd take  few moments to write about the Comanche way of warfare.  First, let's talk about the weapons the Comanche used.The Bow and ArrowFrom their emergence on to ...
    Posted Feb 20, 2015, 1:14 PM by Joel Toppen
  • On Horseback Historians who assert that the Comanche were the finest light cavalry ever seen in the western hemisphere do not exaggerate. In fact, when I examine the past, I see only one other light cavalry force that was perhaps superior to the Comanche and that would be the Mongols of the 13th century. Just how a people only recently introduced to horses developed such skill so quickly is a mystery. It is almost as if the Numunuu were created to be master horsemen. All we know for sure is that about the turn of century (circa 1700) the Comanche exploded on to the southern plains of North America. The horses came from the Spanish. In 1680 ...
    Posted Sep 16, 2014, 2:59 PM by Joel Toppen
  • Use of Color in the Game If you take a look at the game components we are using for playtesting the game, you might wonder about some of the color choices. Comanche pieces are predominately red or dark blue with accented yellows. This is actually been done intentionally.Some gamers might find this curious. After all, for a long time it has been the accepted practice to use these colors to depict opposing sides -- a red team and a blue team, if you will. The reason for my decision (at least in the playtest art) does, however, have a meaning. As I did with Navajo Wars, in Comanchería, I have given careful thought to everything in the game. Even down to these color choices. Here's ...
    Posted Sep 12, 2014, 10:11 AM by Joel Toppen
  • Telling the Story of Another People When I set out to design Navajo Wars, I had a couple goals in mind. First, I wanted to tell the story of the Diné ("the people") in a way that was faithful to the historical record, honorable, and from the perspective of the Diné. When I was finishing up Navajo Wars, I knew already that I wanted to design a follow-on game which told the story of a different people. My research into the Navajo had led me to read quite a bit about the Comanche, one of the implacable enemies of the Navajo. And so it was that before Navajo Wars had even hit the shelves, the work on Comanchería had already begun. In many ways the ...
    Posted Sep 11, 2014, 2:06 PM by Joel Toppen
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