Old Cora
                              Comanche County's First Courthouse
 The  purpose  of  the  the Comanche County Comanche Genealogical Society is to promote and advance genealogical research and to share with others the knowledge  of  family   ties  in general in the Comanche County, Texas area in particular.



Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of  each month at 7:00 p.m. at Comanche County Historical Museum - 402 Moorman Road, Comanche, TX.        Visitors welcome.
            Dec 14, 2017 - Social

                     Jan 11, 2018 - Speaker - Missy Jones - Peter Cartwright                                                    Johnson Story

                      Feb.    2018 - Speaker - Ruth Adelle Waggoner - Civil                                                    War Letters with a connection to Sidney

                      Mar 2018 - Speaker - Steve Russell - Resources at the                                                 Texas Archives

                       April 2018 - Speaker - Caroline Pinkard - Family                                                            History

                The Comanche County Historical Museum is an 14 room storehouse of  memorabilia                          from  every corner  of the county.


                                                Wednesday through Saturday 10 - 4 
                                                                       Closed Major Holidays