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Paranoid TelnetD

Paranoid TelnetD (ptelnetd) is a telnet server intended for use with legacy or embedded systems (such as hand-held scanners used in warehouses) that communicate with a backend host via telnet. Paranoid telnetd tries to improve the security of such connections via features like:

  1. user, ip-address, and mac-address whitelisting/blacklisting
  2. chrooting into 'jail' directories
  3. localized authentication ('telnet only' user accounts).

Paranoid TelnetD also has a second use as a poor-person's-honeypot, with a 'honeypot' mode that will not accept any logins, and which lots all events at syslog 'crit' level (as anything that happens to a honeypot is a bad sign).

Version 0.4 Bugfixes. 'shell' entry in auth files (/etc/ptelnetd.auth, /etc/passwd, etc) is now honored.Download Source as Tar/GZ
Version 0.3 Simple challenge/response authentication added.Download Source as Tar/GZ
Version 0.2 IPv6 support, segfaults fixed, Shadow MD5 passwords workDownload Source as Tar/GZ
Version 0.1 Initial Release.Download Source as Tar/GZ