All this stuff is now served on github instead at https://github.com/ColumPaget

Being the online storage for Linux C projects written by Colum Paget.

I'm a 'C' hacker by profession, and it's my hobby too. Here's a bunch of open-source programs written in 'C'.
I hope you find them some use for something. 

Movgrab - Movie downloader for youtube, dailymotion, and many other video websites.
Getlock - Simple command-line filelock program (using fcntl style locks).
daytime - Trivial program to retrieve current time from the web using daytime, time or http protocols, and set the system clock.
Autoblog - Command line Blog posting/maintenance application.
Alaya - Simple chrooting WEBDAV aware webserver.
MetaFTPD - Chrooting FTP server with a wide range of features.
CD Command - Simple command-line CD player/ripper.
Crayonizer - An app to 'color-in' the output of command-line programs.
Paranoid TelnetD - A Telnet server that tries to keep telnet users locked down.

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