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tional Taiwan University Alumni Association (NTUAA, 哥城台大校友會) was founded in 1999. We currently have around 150 members, including around 50 student members in the Ohio State University.

NTUAA currently holds at least three events every year: spring seminar, summer picnic, and fall annual banquet. We sometimes have more causal events, e.g. student welcome party. You can find our recent event pictures here.
If you want to join us or you have any question, please contact us through ntuaa.columbus@gmail.com or join our Facebook group.

If your contact is changed, please update it through http://goo.gl/4Gyza0.

2014 活動

2014-03-01 Spring Potluck

這次的春季 Potluck 活動圓滿結束。感謝校友們熱情地參與,也帶來各自的拿手好菜。希望大家喜歡這次校友會準備的食物及表演。如果有需要改進的地方,也望各位不吝批評指教。