Welcome to Columbus Ag Program.

     Courses Offered    
        Below is a list of the courses offered for the 2015-16 school year.  Each link will take you to a page specific to that course.
  1. Introduction to Agriculture (Year Long Course)
    1. FFA, SAE/Careers, Ag Bus, Animals, Speaking, Welding, Sales
  2. Ag 2 (Year Long Course)
    1. Pest Mgt, Soils/Precision Ag, Animal Anatatomy/Dissection, Livestock Nutrition/Feeds, Livestock Genetics/Reproduction, Business types, Business Records, Commodity Trading, Parliamentary Procedure, Decision Making, Leadership Styles/Personalities, 
  3. Horticulture (Spring semester)
    1. Hort Industry, Plant anatomy, Planting Mediums, Fertility, Pests, Sales/markteting, Landscaping
  4. Beginning Welding (1 semesters)
    1. Fall Semester    Concrete, Wiring, Plumbing, Interior Finish
    2. Spring Semester    Framing, Roofing, Surveying
  5. Advanced Welding (1 semester)
  6. Woodshop
  7. Ag Metal Fabrication Business 
Supervised Agricultural Experience
 All Students are required to have an SAE.  For information on what SAE's are go to the following links.
The general idea is that real world experience is far better than any other method of learning.  SAEs provide students with the opportunity for real world experiences, potentially money, and connections wich will help them to get where they want to be 10 years from now.  SAEs can be as simple as taking care of a pet/yard or as complicated as starting your own small business.  
SAEs have many awards offered through FFA for those studenst who chose to become members.
    Profficiencies    State and National level recognition for the "best" in a given area
                                Written application due to State in Feb.
    Grants to get started        Chapter level Ag Entreprenuership  ($150 to the winner)
                                           USDA funding, Montana Dept of Ag loans, etc.
The SAE assignments are:
    Start of the year                    SAE Plan
    Start of 2nd quarter                SAE Risk/Opportunity Assessment
    End of 1st Semester              Year End Financial Records  
    Start of 3rd Quarter                Skill Assessment
    End of 2nd Semester             One page writeup of SAE for year

    Optional                                SAE Speech assignment (extra credit/replacement assignment)    

SAE IDEAS   See what other student's have done over the years.   Photos of past SAE visits


   The Columbus Ag Program
 The Columbus Ag Program has three main elements to it, each designed to accomplish the mission of the program.  The program shares the same mission statement as the National FFA Organization.
    "The National FFA Organization is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education."  
    The three parts of the program are;
Courses/Curriculum, SAE/Career Exploration, and FFA.  
  Instructor: Daniel Miller
               columbusagprogram@gmail.com                      (406)322-5373 xt 137      
    A bit about the instructor:
           I have a BS degree from Washington State Univ., a Masters in Ag. from Iowa State Univ. I began my teaching career in the fall of 1999.   In my personal time I enjoy running a side business www.millerswoodcutting.com (firewood sales and plans for building firewood related machinery) and operate a small farm (wheat, hay, and hogs).  Below are a few pictures of what I do with my time away from school.  I believe that to be truly proficient in a subject area an instructor needs to be practically applying their subject matter. On a nearly daily basis I use the skills and knowledge I teach in the curriculum; sales, communication, technology, welding, mechanical skills, applied agronomy, animal husbandry, record keeping and business management.