Challenge Quilts

2016 Challenge Quilt 

Listed below are the requirements for your 2016 Patchwork Forest Challenge Quilts.

And check out Mary Yadon's Pinterest board for some ideas!


2015 Challenge Quilt Info

Putting on the Glitz along the Straight & Narrow
Sparkle & Shine - in a confined space!
Ellen Baranowski was our 2015 Challenge Quilt Committee Head. 

She challenged us to Shimmer and Shine with a quilt that...
  1. Is no wider than 25"
  2. Is no longer than 100"
  3. It CAN be smaller than the above dimensions
  4. Has Glitz on it
    1. Glitz can be described as anything shiny such as thread, material, beads, sequins, any embellishment with shimmer and shine!
  5. Must be Quilted
  6. Must be completed by the December 14, 2015 meeting



Future Winner - Karen Sullivan (left)

Previous Winner - Joan Duncan (right)

And their Ribbons!

A Closer Look...


2014 Challenge Quilt
Winners - Spot the Spot!
Susan Oursland - 1st Place
                        Judy Pearce - 2nd Place
             Susan Kent - 3rd Place
Sally Blanchard

Joan Duncan - 1st Place
 Janice Scanlon - 2nd Place
Cathy Goodman - 3rd Place