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Our PTA’s mission is to support Columbine Hills' students, teachers, and staff by promoting quality education, striving to expand the arts, encouraging community involvement, and working toward a healthier environment for our children.

We encourage every family, teacher and staff member to join the PTA and contribute in whatever way they can to positively impact our school whether it’s by giving time, talent or a financial donation. Many committees, which touch most areas of school life, make up our PTA. From large-scale community events, to weekly volunteer co-ordination, there are opportunities for anyone who wants to volunteer to get involved.

Our volunteers take pride in making CHE the school it is and cumulatively clock up hundreds of hours each year! Columbine Hills' PTA funds contributes greatly to the school’s general budget, subsidizing countless aspects of the curriculum and allowing our students to experience many things beyond a traditional classroom education. General PTA meetings will be held the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month at 6:30pm. These meetings serve as a forum for parents, teachers, and administrators to discuss current and relevant issues pertaining to our school and district. If you are not already involved, join us today!

We could not do our job without the help of our CHE Family. Thank you!

Become a PTA member for only $10 per individual adult.

Have a small business? Help sponsor the PTA for as little as $25 a year!

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TOGETHER, we can make a difference for today and tomorrow in the lives and education of our children.