Frequently asked questions....

Where can I find the handout from the Tailgate Parent Meeting: 
    •    Here, but it and anything else "booster" is on the booster page.

Do I need to buy the required player pack before I know if my daughter makes the team? 
    •    No, you do not. We will get the second order shortly after the season starts. 

Why can't I sign up for the LePeep Fundraiser on Sign up genius? It wants an access code?
    •    We have the signup shut down until we are ready to release signup in levels by Varsity, J.V. and then C Squad

How do we get credit for what we spent on our King Soopers Cards towards our player?
    •    King Sooper sends us reports that connect you and your player to your King Soopers card #.

If you have a question that is not addressed above, please shoot us an email