Program Ads - Sales Closed 12/12/17

Size       Price
 1/8 Page (business cards)  $75
 1/4 Page (4" wide x 5" high)  $100
 1/2 Page (7.5" wide x 5' high)  $150
 Full Page (8" wide x 10.5" high  $300
Inside Back/Front Cover   $350

Email your advertisement:

All artwork needs to be in high or press quality, 300 dpi grayscale only. You can email a pdf or word doc that I will convert to a pdf. I can also work with .jpg, illustrator, photoshop, InDesign and many other formats. if you need help with your ad, please contact me.

Email your advertisement to Kevin Wessel: Or UPLOAD at time of payment via link Below
Please title the subject of your email: "Your company name/CHS Basketball Program Ad."
Please also include your name, phone and email incase I have any questions.

To pay for your ad and UPLOAD your artwork follow the link below:
Click Here - Sales CLOSED 12/12/17