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2018/19 Season

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Mission Statement: 

The Columbine Lady Rebels Booster Club mission is to produce an environment of Athletic Excellence that inspires student/athletes, coaches, parents and the community to collectively support our basketball program.



It costs about $8,000 to run the season and takes a lot of volunteer hours, so please pitch in to make it a great season. We need help in the following areas:

Our fundraisers include the Le Peep breakfast and the youth camps. We are hoping not to do direct sales fundraisers so in addition to the previously mentioned fundraisers we need help with the following:
  • Concessions - We need 1 or 2 families to head up Concessions. Additionally all families are required to sign up at the parent meeting for four shifts per family. This is a major fundraiser for the team. Sign Up Genius will be available after Monday's Parent Meeting.
  • Finals Care Packages - During fall semester finals we will offer care packages to be ordered by Columbine family and friends and delivered to students when they are taking finals.
  • King Soopers Cards - Our Booster Club Treasurer Lisa Thompson is the lead on this program. These pre-paid grocery cards earn 5% toward the team. We have set it up so that individuals can count this fundraiser toward the team pack expense.
  • Le Peep - Le Peep restaurant on Bowles and Wadsworth is gracious enough to offer us a percentage of sales for the entire breakfast/brunch service on Sunday Nov. 12th, 2017. We need 4 girls per shift from 6am to 2pm. Sign up your player and come have breakfast served by Columbine Girls Basketball! Visit our Sign up Genius Download flyer here
Team Events:
        Team Dinners - We will have three team dinners for each level, hosted by families, throughout the season. Sign ups available at the                     parent meeting
        Youth Night - We are inviting Elementary and Middle School Youth to our Dec. 7th game. We need a parent volunteer to run some half                 time events for these kids to keep it fun! Organize prizes, Run Games
    •    Parent Night - At a game in January we will recognize players and their families between the JV and Varsity games. We need                             someone to organize this event.
    •    Senior Night - At a game in February we will recognize the seniors between the girls game and the boys game at a double-header.                     We need someone to organize this event.    
    •    Winter Spirit Week Hallway Decorations - The week before the winter formal, the hallway to the gym will be decorated for girls                             basketball and then the decorations are taken down and saved for the banquet. We need someone to organize this event and                         others to help with decorating on the day of the event.
    •    Pink Out - At the Chatfield double header there will be a pink out. This event is coordinated with the boys team. Please consider                          volunteering to help with this event.
    •    Banquet - The Banquet takes place in March. We need someone to organize a venue, collect money, decorate and send invites and                     Organize Volunteers to setup and take down
    •    Video - We show a video at the banquet. We need someone to organize video footage and still photos to include and also to edit                          this into a video that can be shown at the banquet.

Other Volunteer positions

    •    Team Parents - We need a team parent for each level: Level 3, JV and Varsity. Team parents organize communications within their                  team level, coordinate rides as needed, organize one or two team dinners for that level and organize team t-shirts for Winter                          Spirit Week.
    •    Program books - We print a color booklet program in conjunction with the boys team that features player profiles, team photos and                  stats. It also includes ads for local businesses. We need a lead person on this project. Please consider helping to produce this                          program, sell ads or advertise your local business in the program. Please consider assisting Kevin & Kate Wessel with this big                          project.

Attached is a document titled Volunteer Opportunities Please see that document for the most up to date volunteer opportunities.

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