Columbine Forge - Mike Knospe

Back in the 70's, Mike performed greenhouse maintenance using an acetylene torch and an arc welder. This lead to a career in sheet-metal fabrication, where after some time, he began to wonder how metal was shaped before fabrication technologies came into existence.

As he researched the subject, Mike realized that the older techniques lent themselves to far more fluid and organic designs than cutting, grinding and welding alone. This additional flexibility helped to rekindle his passion for nature-inspired art, causing his interest to grow from a hobby, to an obsession and finally into a career.

For the last 30 years Mike has primarily styled himself as a blacksmith with an emphasis on functional art. His work includes modern designs as well as classical pieces. He still has a passion for designing life-like ornaments and finding innovate ways to incorporate them into his products.

Mike has long served the Denver community and has developed a reputation for quality and attention to detail. All of Columbine Forge’s pieces are hand-crafted, either by Mike, or an apprentice under the master's close scrutiny. Nothing leaves the shop until it has the master's stamp of approval.