Give yourself a gift of time spent outdoors!  Make time during this busy season to reflect on the glories of nature.  Our trails are lit at dusk, and we have lots of walks listed below.  All our best to you and yours!

Winter Solstice Lantern Parade and Celebration | Thursday, December 21st, 5-8 pm


Welcome the coming light!  Gather with us at 5 pm on Thursday with your lantern. 

 Park Rangers celebrate the Winter Solstice every year as a turning point, after which the sun sets a wee bit later every day until June’s Summer Solstice. 

This year, we will hold a lantern parade at sunset (5:19) from the Red Schoolhouse, across the Columbia Canal and into the brick amphitheater.  Mingle with the Park Rangers, sip hot cocoa and warm your hands over a fire. 

Meet at Riverfront Park South beside the Red Schoolhouse (312 Laurel Street) at 5 for the parade; join us afterward in the brick amphitheater.

Learn about lantern making and gather inspiration from our friends on the Eno River in Hillsboro, NC here:  https://www.hillsboroughartscouncil.org/lantern-walk


Last Day Leg Stretch | Sunday, December 31st, 1-2:30pm

End your year on a high note!  Before you ring in 2018, wring the most from 2017’s final day by spending it beside the Broad River.  Admire the views and learn a bit about Riverfront Park its rich natural history along the way.

Meet at Riverfront Park South beside the Red Schoolhouse (312 Laurel Street)


Welcome to one of the finest parks in Columbia! The 167-acre park has two parking entrances for easy access. Riverfront South is at 312 Laurel Street; Riverfront North is 4122 River Drive.
This park is the site of the world's first  fully electrically operated textile mill and the historic Columbia Hydroelectric plant, which was in continuous operation from 1896 until October 2015. Along with the
rich historical background , park amenities include picnic tables
, benches, adult outdoor fitness equipment, public restrooms and water fountains. There is a beautiful brick amphitheater  beside the vintage waterworks 1906 water plant.  The asphalt and gravel trail along the river is a popular area for runners, walkers and bicyclists of all skill levels. Mile markers are located along the trail so that visitors can measure their travel distance.
The trail extends for two and a half miles and offers wonderful views of the river and access to great fishing spots.

Remember! Riverfront Park is managed by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Columbia.  All plants and animals are protected.  Feel free to observe and photograph, but do not handle or disturb them.


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