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We use our shopbot to carve 3-d files into foam for topographically accurate models. We can make models up to 4 feet by 8 feet in one piece and can seam larger models. We provide this service to architects and engineers. This is usually used to create quick study models.

For topographic models we will need a very simple drawing to send to our milling machine. We need continuous plotlines to show topography at standard intervals (10 foot for example). We need only the topography to be carved to be shown on the model. If the topographic info exists as a 3d file, we would like it in 3-d. Otherwise we will make a 3d file from your 2d cad file.

Call 312 243 2655 for more information on this service. 

Trial Exhibit showing aircraft accident flight path
We processed 3d GIS DEM files to carved the topography with our shopbot. An acrylic add on shows the flight path.
for Adler Murphy & McQuillen LLP