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Laser cutting is a 2d process which uses a laser beam to cut or engrave enabling fine detailing in an efficient manner. We can most easily use AutoCAD, (dwg or dxf files) or Corel (cdr) files. Other formats can be used, but the files will need to be converted. Our 3 laser cutters “print” the part, cutting and/or scoring the shape drawn in AutoCAD or Corel pursuant to color and line weight conventions we input. At least 80% of our models are made from laser cut parts we engineer and fabricate. These machines can also etch images into the part. We primarily use papers and acrylics. Thickness may range from .02 to .5 inch. Bed sizes are 17.75 by 31.75 inches or 23.75 by 47.75 inches. We own 3 laser cutters. We are located at 1528 W Adams, Chicago Illinois 60607. This is about 9 blocks west of the expressway and 15 blocks west of the Loop. For information on materials, cut files, laser bed requirements and file conventions call us at 312 243 2655

Laser Cut Stacking Model

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