Welcome to the Columbian HashHouseHarriers -- Columbia, South Carolina.  We run first and third Sundays, 3:00 winters and 5:00 summers,  and whenever else it suits a hare and a pack.   

Virgins and visiting Hashers are welcome. Wear shoes you aren't afraid of getting muddy.  If you wear new shoes, be prepared to drink from one or more of them.  By the way, if you are a Named Hasher, bring your whistle. If you're under 21, bring a parent or legal guardian.  If you're over 21 but don't look it, bring picture ID. 

The lays are usually 3-6 miles, with enough checks to give the FRBs plenty to do while keeping them in sight.  Most of the runs are urban/suburban, but you'd be surprised how much shiggy we can find in the middle of town.  We've forded the Congaree River, crept through storm drains, seen the backs of more stores and shopping centers than the garbage trucks do, been through the mall in drag ... oh, did I mention the Red Dress Run?  Every November, more or less, and everyone has to wear a red dress.  Mine came from Goodwill, and looks it.  

We're as disorganized as you'd expect of a bunch of Hashers, but we usually manage to get the beer to the down-downs. 

Upcoming trails and events are announced here. We used to use email as well, but Millennials don't check email. Also, please connect with us on FaceBook and HashSpace. And, if you do still use email, contact us at Columbian.hhh (at) gmail.com