Fall 2017

Monetary Colloquium, Columbia University
Fall 2017
Mondays, 1:10-2:10pm, 1101 IAB
Coordinators: Emi Nakamura & Jón Steinsson

 Date Speaker Title
Sept 11 Chengcheng JiaRules Rather than Discretion: The Information Effect of Monetary Policy
 Sept 18Cynthia Balloch Inflows and Spillovers: Tracing the Impact of Bond Market Liberalization 
Sept 25 Sandesh Dhungana Fiscal Stimulus Effectiveness and Regional Housing Price Shocks 
 Oct 2Andy Pham  International Bank Lending and the October 2016 US Money Market Fund Reform
Oct 9Agnieszka Dorn  
 Oct 16Chris Cotton Low Interest Rates and the Zero Lower Bound 
 Oct 23Cameron LaPoint  Land Price Shocks, Fiscal Stimulus, and Japan's Lost Decade.
 Oct 30Misaki Matsumara Generalized Cost of Nominal Distortions Index 
 Nov 6Chun-Che Chi Complete Macro-prudential Policy and Asset Liquidity
 Nov 13Yinxi Xie Monetary policy with asset misallocation and log-term debt 
 Nov 20 Juan HerrenoBank Liquidity Shocks: from Micro Evidence to Macro Effects 
Nov 27Oskar Zorrilla  
 Dec 4 Joo-Hyung (Grace) ShinImplications of Stock Market Participation 
 Dec 4Miguel Acosta 
 Dec 11 Paul BouscasseCan Thou Beggar Thy Neighbor?