Columbia MBA Admissions Tips 

How to Get Into the Columbia MBA Program 

 Columbia MBA Admissions Tips

The following items are to be included in the application file:

The application deadlines are as follows:

  • April 20: September Entrance
  • October 15: Early Decision
  • October 1: January Entrance
  • March 1: International Applications

The application will be carefully considered once the file is complete.  The Admissions Committee may then decide to invite the candidate for an interview; according to the student's choice, the interview will take place either with an alumnus who lives in the same geographical region, or directly on campus. The Committee meets regularly to review files and make final decisions (selection is made on a rolling admissions basis). Count on about 12 weeks from  the time your file is complete before getting notified of acceptance or rejection.

Given the considerable rise in the number of applicants over the past several years, it is strongly advised to submit your application well before the actual deadline. Not long ago, the school proposed an option which allows for the file to be reviewed within 8-10 weeks (early decision). This option only concerns those applicants who are applying for September admission, and the application must be submitted by October 15 of the previous year. If the student is accepted, a non-refundable payment of $2,500 will be required in order to reserve his/her place in the program. This alternative was envisioned for those students who have chosen the Columbia MBA program as their first choice.

On the application, the candidate must be specific about the admission session of his/her choice. The school does not authorize students admitted into a certain semester to change starting dates (except under extenuating circumstances). On the other hand, when there are no more available places for September admission, the school may propose that an eligible student start in the January session instead.

One last detail about the admission process: exceptional candidates with no professional experience may apply, but their acceptance will be deferred by two years. They should take advantage of this period to evolve in a professional environment before taking on their MBA at Columbia.