Spring 2018 Schedule

  • 01/17 - Organizational Meeting
  • 01/24***
  • 01/31
  • 02/07 - Claudia Allende
                "Supply Responses of Private Schools"
  • 02/14 - Benoit Voudon
                "Vertical Relations, Integration and Technology Adoption"
  • 02/21 - Lan Nguyen
                "Improving Diversity in New York City Specialized High Schools"
  • 02/28 - David Thompson
                "Optimal Regulation under Incomplete Monitoring"
  • 03/07 - Sherry Wang
                "Default option, price regulation and competition in retail electricity market"
  • 03/14 - Spring Break
  • 03/21* - Kyle Weber
                "Downstream Concentration, Bargaining Power, and Investment Incentives: The Case of the American Broadcast Television Industry"
  • 03/28 - Danna Thomas
                "Pricing Rigidity and Pass-through"
  • 04/04 - Nathaniel Mark
                "Explaining The Geographic Maldistribution of Primary Care Physicians in Ontario: A Structural Approach"
  • 04/11* - David Rosenkranz
                "Do mandatory minimum standards influence the supply of charity care? A research proposal"

                  & Bozidar Plavsic

                "Organizational Structure and Managers’ Reputation Concerns"
  • 04/18 - Janet Lu
                "The Effect of Electronic Health Record Interoperability on Patient Health Outcomes"
  • 04/25** - Silvio Ravaioli
"Product labeling for inattentive consumers"

& Louise Guillouet

To be or not to be... Organic ? The role of federal crop insurance subsidies in farmers' organic production decisions."

*Kate will be away. She will also be visiting Princeton and Yale for much of February and March, but will try to be at Columbia on Wednesdays - at a minimum, for presentations by 3rd and 4th year IO students.
**Tobias will be away.
***Tobias might be away.
****Mike will be on leave, so his attendance will be sporadic.