Fall 2018 Schedule

  • 09/12 (***) - None
  • 19-Sep - Sherry Wang: "Switching Cost and Price Regulation in Retail Electricity Market"
  • 26-Sep - Dave Thompson: "Regulation via Information Provision"
  • 3-Oct - Guy Aridor: "Competing Bandits: The Perils of Exploration Under Competition"
  • 10-Oct - Tatyana Avilova: "Hospital Rate Setting in the Vermont Health Care System"
  • 17-Oct - David Rosenkranz: "What are the Causes and Consequences of Ambulance Diversions? First Thoughts"
  • 24-Oct - Louise Guillouet: "Determinants and Consequences of the Rise of Organic Agriculture in the US"
  • 31-Oct - Claudia Allende: "Private Schools' Responses to Parents' Preferences"
  • 7-Nov - Nate Mark: "Access to Primary Care: Measurements and Determinants"
  • 14-Nov - Lan Nguyen: "Improving Diversity in New York City Specialized High Schools"
  • 11/28 (***) - Bozidar Plavsic: "Uniform Priving: Movie Theaters' Perspective"; and Silvio Ravaioli: "Are Subscription Plan Prices Transparent? Estimating Concentration Bias in Intertemporal Choice"
  • 12/05 (***) - Kyle Weber: "Downstream Concentration and Investment Incentives: The Case of the American Broadcast Television Industry"
  • 12/12 (*) - Motaz Al-Chanati: "Ridesharing in Austin, TX"
*John will be out of town. 
**Tobias will be out of town.
***Mike will be out of town.