Housing Options

Housing Options at the
Annual CHSG Meeting

All housing options at the annual meeting are located very close to one another. What differs from one option to another is privacy, space, comfort, and sophistication. All housing includes bedding, although attendees might want to bring a warm blanket or their favorite pillow to insure comfort.

Dorm room (single or double): Dorms are the least expensive option, and if you have another person with whom you would like to room (or are willing to let the organizer help you find a roommate), you can save some money by choosing this housing option. The dorms contain one or two twin beds, a closet and desk. You will use communal bathrooms that are located either within the same building or immediately adjacent to the building in which the dorm room is located. Dorms tend to be quiet (that is, people don't usually hang around the hallways talking or use the dorm rooms for parties) and quite safe. They are not, however, particularly private, especially in the early morning hours. 
Hut: The huts are by far the most rustic and authentic housing experience, and first time attendees are strongly recommended against requesting a hut. There are no bathroom facilities and you are in close communion with nature, which makes the temperature in the hut very erratic and causes frequent close encounters with wildlife. Each of the twelve huts are nearly identical and there is no lighting around them, so bring a flashlight. 
Old Cottage: These contain 2-4 bedrooms, a living room, a full bathroom, and a kitchen supplied with basic utensils, plates, and cups. Cottages allow for the greatest level of privacy and comfort. They are a very good option for families.

Upgraded Cottage: Over the last several years, the Friday Harbor Laboratories have upgraded some of the original cottages and added a few new ones. This category also includes some nice apartments.