Programs at Jack's


Kiwanis clubs around the globe begin a new fiscal year at the end of September by honoring service performed by members during the past year and introducing officers and board members for the coming year. The Golden K Kiwanis club’s “changing of the guard” took place at Jack's Gourmet Restaurant on Thursday, September 24, 2015, at their noon luncheon by inducting officers and board members for the 2015-16 year.

Golden K’s current president Penny Braun was ill and couldn’t be there so President-elect Gordon Brown took over her duties as MC. Installation of new officers was conducted by Lt. Governor Sally Robinson. She inducted Gordon Brown as president; Larry Propp as president-elect; Philip Olson as vice president; Verel Benson as treasurer; Robert McArthur as asst. treasurer; Bud Alexander as secretary and Patsy Cole as asstistant secretary. She also installed Board of Director members: Myron Bennett, Jim Rhodes, George Wagner, Fern Parrish, Lory Rugolo, Deb Olson, and Bob Reeves.

Presentation of awards was conducted by Tom Sisson. He presented the Tablet of Honor to Harlan Hackett. This Kiwanis International award recognizes a person’s service, leadership, and exemplary service to children. Sisson also awarded Hixson Fellowships to John Hoehne, Jim Jacob, Lory Rugolo and Penny Braun (in absentia). This award was named for Kiwanis International’s first president, George F. Hixson, and is a way of recognizing people for their “generosity and inspiration that extends (their) Kiwanis impact”.

Tom Sisson, Harlan Hackett (with Tablet of Honor award)

John Hoehne and Charlie Dreyer

John Hoehne with Hixson award

Tom Sisson, Lory Rugolo (with Hixson award)

Tom Sisson, Jim Jacob. Jacob wears his Hixson Award

Lt. Gov. Sally Robinson, Inductor

Phil Olson is inducted as Vice President by Sally Robinson

Verel Benson is inducted as Treasurer by Sally Robinson

Bud Alexander is inducted as Secretary by Sally Robinson

Sally Robinson places the President-elect pin on Larry Propp's lapel

Sally Robinson places the Presidential pin on Gordon Brown's lapel

Tom Sisson, standing in for Past-President Penny Braun, passes the gavel on to newly inducted President Gordon Brown

President Gordon Brown delivers his acceptance speech

GK members were encouraged to wear medals and other awards won in previous years.
Milt and Liz Bailey wear their Hixson awards and Milt also wears his 
Tablet of Honor award.